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If you have ever been on a trip, it would be handy to have all of your photos from your friends all in one album. Photocollect is a collaborative photo sharing service that lets you gather photos from the group. You only need to create an album, post the link, and wait for friends to upload photos to a private or public album.

collaborative photo sharing

Photocollect is very easy to use. You can log in using your Facebook account, create an album, and then share it to your friends in seconds. While waiting, you can upload your own photos to the album and set its security level. You can set up private albums in such a way that only your Facebook friends can see them. Just send over the link so that other can view, upload, and download photos.

Once the album is set up, everything else is Facebook-vanilla. You can tag and comment pictures within Photocollect. While it may seem inconvenient to get out of Facebook to view albums, the collaborative album angle makes it a killer app that is worth considering.

Free and paid plans powers Photocollect, with free users getting 3 albums with unlimited videos and photos. You can also get a paid plan for $35/year which includes unlimited albums and backups.


  • Collect photos from friends and store them in one album.
  • Log in using Facebook.
  • Free and paid plans available.
  • Store photos and videos.
  • Clean flash interface.
  • Similar Tools: SnapFinch, Linm.Me and DropMocks.

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