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Once a person comes home from holiday, it is usually a hassle to get all of the holiday pictures uploaded onto the computer, and check photos taken by other people who were on the same trip as you. PhotoCircle makes this easier.

share photos between ios devices

The application allows users to take photographs on one phone, and create a photo album on all the phones that have been connected in the PhotoCircle.

The application is great for people who are on holiday and want to snap shots and have a backup of the memories on each of their phones. Rather than sending an email of the pictures, or sending the images via postal mail (on a DVD), use PhotoCircle instead to make the whole process easier.

Just install the application and put all the phones together which you want to add to the PhotoCircle circle. Start a PhotoCircle by clicking on the circle icon on the main screen and give the circle a name. Add other phones to the PhotoCircle by putting their phones beside the phone and start sharing photos with each other.


  • Take photos on one phone and instantly have them available on all connected PhotoCircle devices.
  • PhotoCircle also serves as a great image viewer.
  • Available on both iOS and Android devices.
  • Similar tools: Pinweel, ShareYourShots, Yogile, PicaMatic, Tripntale, and ClosR.

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