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Today almost everybody you know has a camera phone. We are all taking pictures using our phone and then transferring those pictures to our computers to share them or use them on the internet. But before we can do this latter part, sometimes there are a few changes that need to be made to the images. For example, you might have to scale down an image to adhere to a particular online forum’s rules. At other times, you might want your picture’s lighting to be fixed by retouching or by image filters. Normally, one would try out different web app for editing and retouching functions. But thanks to a web service called PhotoCat, you get both these features within the same website.

edit and retouch photos

PhotoCat is a free to use website that offers powerful editing and retouching features for digital images. When you visit the website, you are presented with three options: editing, retouching, and creating a collage. This last bonus feature can be used to create a visually appealing collage of your images. As for editing your pictures, you can go about it by simply selecting the Edit option. Next, the interface loads up and you can upload the image you want to edit. You will find many basic editing options displayed by default; these include crop, rotation, re-sizing, brightness adjustment, etc. Other editing features can be access from the left most panel. These include image filters and effects, retouching, adding frames to images, and adding text. A compare function lets you compare the edited picture with the original picture by juxtaposing them. Your edited image can be saved in the JPG or PNG image format locally.



  • A user-friendly web app.
  • Let’s you edit and retouch images.
  • Let’s you crop, rotate, and resize photos.
  • Offers various image filters, effects, and retouching options.
  • Output image can be saved as JPG or PNG.
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Check out PhotoCat @


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  1. Keith Swartz
    January 25, 2013 at 5:25 am

    Good, does what an edit & retouch photo app should do... ONLINE! Awesome!