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Sometimes sharing a photo doesn’t convey the full experience of the event on that photo. In these cases it is better when the photo is accompanied by a relevant audio (e.g. voice, music). Enter PhotoBlab. It is an app for iOS that lets you create short video animations (called ‘blabs’) by adding sound to photos from your iPhone and then easily sharing them with others. It’s more like Instagram but with audio.

To try it out, download and install the app from the iOS app store to your iPhone. Launch the app, add some photos from your library or by taking new photos with your camera, up 5 photos per animation. You can then apply filters to photos, crop them or rotate them.

Next, you have to record an audio to go with your photos. Record your voice, sounds or a music sample up to 10 seconds long and you are done! You can then share your blabs online with friends on Facebook, Twitter or by email.

add sound to photos


The app is easy to use and straightforward with no complicated settings and features. So if next time you feel like making a short soundtrack to a bunch of pictures you took, you should try this app. It is free but if you upgrade to the paid version for $0.99 you will be able to record your audios up to 2 minutes long.



  • Create video animations by combining your photos with audio from your iPhone.
  • Available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad).
  • Add up to 5 images to animation.
  • Add up to 10 seconds of audio (voice, sounds, music sample).
  • Share your animations (blabs) on Facebook, Twitter or by email.
  • Related tools – Voicepic, SeeMail.

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