Photo2Text: Convert Images To Text

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Have you ever received one of those photos where you opened a text file but saw a huge photo made up of carefully arranged characters and wondered how such photos are made? Well, if you did not know this already these text photos are NOT typed in manually. It would be an enormous task to actually type all those letters in such a perfect arrangement. People are too lazy for that. Instead these kind of text photos are made using software or web-based tools. If you want to quickly make your own text photo, check Photo2Text. It is a simple web based tool that lets you convert your images to text files and download them to your computer.

11   Photo2Text: Convert Images To Text

It works in three simple steps. First, upload your image (some format restrictions may apply). Next, click “Submit” button to upload your photo. And finally, add Title, Adjust brightness, Choose characters to be used, and Save text file (.TXT) to your PC. The tool is easy to use and is completely web-based. It requires no registration and you can convert as many photos as you want. If your photo is not uploading make sure it is one of acceptable formats – GIF, TIF, WMF or JPG.
Note: For better effect try using portrait-style pictures, like the one below.

Demo Screenshots:

photo2text1   Photo2Text: Convert Images To Text

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photo2text   Photo2Text: Convert Images To Text


  • Converts images into text
  • Web-based tool. No need to download plugins or additional software
  • Add Title, Adjust brightness, choose characters to be used
  • Convert as many photos as you need
  • Accepts images in formats – GIF, TIF, WMF and JPG
  • Free, no registration needed

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