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pmHeadWorking in the online industry, I find myself taking lots and lots of screenshots. These screenshots may or may not be the right image size for the specific website they are destined for. Then resizing images adds another step to my web checklist.

So if I could specify an entire folder or even be able to drag and drop the images onto Photo Magician’s interface and have them auto-magically resized, that would be awesome. And awesome it is!

When you download and run this portable application you will see this screen which is the main user interface. It is very straightforward.

resizing images

You have an input folder and an output folder. You select or create them by hitting the select button after each field. The Input folder will be where your original images are coming from and the output folder will be where Photo Magician will save the resized images.

Now my biggest pet peeve about most other applications for resizing images is that they do not retain their aspect ratio. This is like checking maintain aspect ratio in Photoshop. When this is not the case your images get all distorted and then the application is more of a hindrance than actually helpful.


Let’s take a look at the application’s options. After all, an application is only as good as its options right?  You can see all the options on the main screen in the bottom right hand corner like so:

batch resizing images

Let’s run down the options. The Include Sub Folders button allow you to have Photo Magician convert all the files in the root folder and all sub-folders. Do not make a sub-folder in your output directory because that would cause some serious issues!

Overwrite originals is an option that can be used instead of the output folder. This will simply overwrite your original image files with the newly resized images. This is not undoable so it is a risky option! I would not use this one unless I was seriously strapped for hard drive space.

Turn off image preview – This will speed things up a bit and it helps immensely on slower machines.

Include other formats – this will try to resize every image in the directory, not just JPG and GIF.

Exclude images under size – This will let you specify the largest size you want resized and it will leave alone any images falling under that size.

Convert Images to same format – This will allow you to mass convert the images to another format after the resizing. You have these options: BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF and WMF as you can see below:

batch image resizing

When you are ready to go all you need to do is click the Process Images button in the bottom left hand corner. Photo Magician will begin sifting through and resizing all the images meeting the options you selected.

After setting up your options you can also hit Quick Convert Mode to process a chunk of images using a profile. The profiles are already set up for you so they can make your life a lot easier.


How do you batch resize your images quickly? We would love to know! Share your favorite free application with us in the comments.

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