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I came across Phonevite entirely by accident. As a project lead I have to constantly stay in contact with large groups of people in a clip. It used to require lots of phone calls and repeating the same information over and over again. How about if there was a free tool that allowed you to record a voice mail message and then call multiple numbers (up to 25 for free) and play back the message?

How about if the service DID NOT require you to sign up?

How about being able to schedule the call for a specific date and time? Now you can leave personalized wake up messages for your team so they can hate just a little bit more so they can be well prepared?

Let’s check out how easy it is to use this service.

Just navigate on over to their website


Enter the list of phone numbers you need to call. You can either separate them by commas or by pasting a different phone number on each line. This method is great for copy and pasting from a CSV file or an excel spreadsheet.

Then click next to call immediately (following the recording of your message of course!) or click Setup Schedule to…

Wait for it….

Yeah to setup a schedule. How did you ever guess?

Like I said above this is great for wake-up calls for the team. But how about using this for a change in venue for a party? Your parents are coming back from their European vacation early and you need to cancel or move the party fast. Blast out a new address (or warning message) to your friends in no time at all.

Now you need to record your message. No microphone necessary! All you have to do is put in YOUR phone number and the service will call YOU and let you record your message. This provides some security against malicious people using the service to spam peoples phones with commercial or obnoxious messages.

Enter the captcha and check the ‘I agree’ box and Phonevite will dial you up.

Click ‘continue’ when you are done with your call… and it is that simple! PhoneVite seems to make money off of selling pro accounts but for the average user this is something that you should Make Use Of for free! My favorite part is not having to sign up. More services should take after Phonevite!

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