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Advertisement assists the general public in determining which phone calls come from telemarketers trying to sell products and services. Find out where did the call come from, who else received it and what users reported about it. The PhoneSpamFilter database now counts over 50.000 reported numbers and growing.

stop telemarketing phone calls

When you get a call from a telemarketer, go to the website and search for the phone number. If someone has already reported the number you can see what they say about it. In case you can’t find the number you might also try checking it on WhoCalled.US WhoCalled.US Tells You About That Call You Missed (US Only) WhoCalled.US Tells You About That Call You Missed (US Only) Read More and CallerComplaints.

It further allows you to browse reported numbers by area code (see screenshot below). There is also a recent submissions sections showing latest complaints.

block telemarketing calls

Other Features

  • Reverse phone number lookup
  • Request removal of incorrectly submitted phone numbers.
  • Free scripts to automate telemarketer blocking on your PBX system.
  • Watch funny pranks and videos about telemarketing calls.

While PhoneSpamFilter can help you find out who is calling you it doesn’t provide any simple means to block them. One way to block or at least considerably reduce the number of calls is to add your number to Telemarketing Do Not Call List.

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