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With new phones coming out every week, it is hard to keep track of what’s good and what’s not. Plus, not every phone works for everybody. GSMArena has put together a cool PhoneFinder that lets you find & compare smart phones by specifying your criteria.

You can specify up to 40 different factors including price, height, weight, display size, Dual SIM, resolution, camera, bluetooth, GPRS, memory card slot, touchscreen and many others. You can specify the network bands you want the phone to work on for e.g. 2G or 3G. If you don’t care about most of these features, just leave them to “It Doesn’t Matter“.

Keep in mind though that the more features you specify, the narrower your search. You can also focus on phones that are available or phones that are coming soon, discontinued, canceled or even rumored.

compare smart phones


  • Search for a phone that suits you.
  • Choose from over 40 different features.
  • Specify price range to narrow down results.
  • Restrict results by entering a model name.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tools: TryPhone

Visit PhoneFinder @


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