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Apple’s iOS devices are some of the best in the world, but many will agree that you are compromising a lot when you use an iPhone or iPod touch. One compromise is the fact that your iPhone can only be synchronized with one computer. Fortunately PhoneAble is a downloadable utility that lets you sync iphone with multiple iTunes libraries easily.

sync iphone with multiple itunes

To use PhoneAble, you have to first back up your iOS device with your main iTunes library. Once done, install the app on other computers. The tool will configure your other computers’ iTunes to match the library key of your phone. This key that ties your iPhone to one iTunes library will be set to all your computers so that you can sync on any computer where PhoneAble is installed.

Ironically, PhoneAble is a Windows download with a Mac version to follow. This nifty app is useful if you want to sync your iOS device from any computer you happen to be on.


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