Get Phone Disk For Free Until December 1 [iOS]

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Do you want to access the files on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad simply by hooking up your mobile device to your computer? Whether you’re using a Mac or a Windows machine, Phone Disk makes it easy to get right into the files without having to jailbreak your device.

Phone Disk is free for the time being, so don’t waste the chance to download and register the application, and start using your iPhone as a way of backing up and transferring files, the easy way.

How can you use Phone Disk?

If you want to turn your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a portable USB drive, this will do it for you. Simply hook up your device to your computer and copy files to and from the drive.

Why should you use Phone Disk?

If you don’t want to jailbreak or alter your iPhone or iPad in any way, this is the ideal app that makes it a cinch to turn your iPhone into a USB drive.

Phone Disk gives you access to read/write mode, meaning you can open and save files directly on the device.

You can hook up more than one device at a time, making it possible to copy files from any Apple device to another.

It works with all generations of iPod Touches, iPhones and with the iPad.

It’s compatible with both Macs and Windows.

Phone Disk integrates directly into the Windows Explorer or Mac OS X Finder, which means that there’s no learning curve. You’ll feel right at home using your Apple mobile device just as you would any other USB drive.

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You have until December 1st to get it for free, so snag it while you still can.

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the zip I downloaded is corrupted


Did you download it from the official website? I downloaded it from there and it worked fine

Kapil Gupta

It won’t work unless iTunes is installed on your system.



yes you are right nancy it’s very easy flocsy to download it from the official site , and thanks for this useful post very well !

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Is there anything like this for android?


Nancy, any idea if there are similar apps for Android phone?



I’m not too sure to be honest – I’ve never used an Android phone so I’m not sure how helpful this is but I did find this link:



does anyone have the free key code for this app? I forgot to download and install before 12/1/10 and they want $20.00 for the app.

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