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Today the Internet has numerous social networks to offer. Despite the number of such networks, the dominant ones are still Facebook and Twitter. Every now and then however, a real contender is launched that has a lot of potential. One of these is Pheed.

share high resolution photos

Pheed is a new social network that is still in its infancy but the features it offers compete against those of the networks and blogging websites you are currently using. After creating an account on Pheed, users are able to share status updates, post an unlimited number of high resolution photos, and upload an unlimited number of high definition videos without any time limits. Sound, voice notes, and audio clips can also be shared.

The use of hashtags let you tag topics and check out what is popular across the Pheed network. You can follow others and you can “Love” or “Heartache” posts – equivalents of like and dislike. Other users can be tagged in posts by mentions. And your timeline can be filtered using various options such as photos, videos, audio, etc.

People who you do not want to include in your social circle can be blocked from accessing your content. Support for other networks is included and ‘pheeds’ can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, or via email, and the iOS application for this network is already available.



If all of those features were not enough, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that this network supports monetization. You can optionally charge others on the network to subscribe to your Pheed account and updates. These are 30 day subscriptions that can range anywhere from $1.99 to $34.99.


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