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Gardeners and gardening enthusiasts who grows plants know there are many pests and diseases that trouble plants. If your plants seem to be damaged in any way and you want to determine the cause, head on over to BBC’s “Pest and Disease Identifier”.

The Pest and Disease Identifier is a Flash based application that runs within your web browser. Visit the app’s website with any Flash-equipped browser and you will be able to narrow down the culprit causing damage to your plants.

You start by specifying which part of the plant it affected: leaves, fruit, roots, seeds, flowers, bulbs, or stems. According to your choice, you are asked questions that involve Yes or No answers.

Your answers are what narrow down the search and help reach the responsible pest or disease. With the culprit found, you can read exactly what it is and how it can be treated.



  • A user friendly Flash-based web app.
  • Lets you check which pest or disease is responsible for damage to your plants.
  • Asks you a series of simple questions to reach the pest/disease.
  • Provides information on nature and treatment of the responsible pest/disease.
  • Similar tool: Garden Pest Detective.

Check out BBC’s “Pest and Disease Identifier” @

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