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iphone game recommendationsDo you play a lot of games? Are you a gamer? If you are, then you probably like playing new games. You might even be the person that everyone else comes to for recommendations, because let’s face it, as much as we’d all like to be able to keep up with the gaming industry, it’s a near impossibility. Aside from the commercials I see on TV and random comments I read on Twitter and Facebook, I don’t have much of a chance when it comes to keeping up with the latest games. Since deciding on a game to spend your time (and money) on can take a long time, a good recommendation can go a long way.

What if there was an easy way to get personalized game recommendations not unlike what Netflix does for movies? Better yet, what if it was fun? In this article, I’m going to show you an iPhone app that you can use to get game recommendations for all your favorite consoles and devices. It’s called Decide-o-Tron and it’s pretty entertaining, not to mention useful.

What Is Decide-o-Tron?

Decide-o-Tron (directory app) might be the most fun way for you to discover new games you’d be interested in playing. It is “game discovery for the 22nd century“. Essentially, it’s an iOS app that recommends games for you based on a variety of criteria that you set. Get recommendations by Genre (e.g. Sports), Platform (PS3), ESRB Rating, Review Score, Release Date, and based on your game Library and Wishlist.

iphone game recommendations

Decide-o-Tron guides you through all of its options, customization processes, and other features via a very creative and easy to follow tutorial that helps familiarize you with the app and its capabilities.

After your introduction tutorial, the app will ask you about the gaming platforms you currently use or own. All of the popular consoles are listed here as well, including PSP, Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox Live Marketplace, Windows PC, etc. Then, if you elect to search for games for a particular platform you can do so.


iphone game recommendations free

Searching for a game with Decide-o-Tron is pretty cool. By adding games you’ve owned to your library and games you enjoyed playing to your wishlist they will be taken into account when generating future results. You can also search for a game by scanning a barcode, which is especially helpful if you’re at the store looking for a game you might like to buy.

iphone game recommendations free

Criteria fields for generating game recommendations include filters regarding genre, platform, rating, review score, and timeline. Decide-o-Tron also connects with Ultramind’s massive library of 45 million regularly updated data points from more than 10,000 games to help find titles you would like to play, so no, it doesn’t run on magic alone (in case you were wondering).

iphone game recommendations

You’ll also get regular recommendations from gaming greats along with updates on new game releases with this app.


I feel like this app makes good use of both creativity and functionality. The dialog you get from the Decide-o-Tron robot is pretty funny and the game recommendations are pretty thorough. If you’re used to reading reviews on games or searching for them with your phone’s browser while you’re at the store you need this app. Hell, even if you aren’t that kind of person you should find it useful, or at least know of someone who would.

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How do you find gaming recommendations?

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