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The little blue bird called Twitter is flapping its wings everywhere. For most of us excessively chatty folks out there, it’s important to keep up with all the tweets the bird makes. Like a lot of others, Twitter is my first port of call just after my inbox. My Skype address is the other place you can find me.

But Twitter is where it all seems to be happening. Then again, I need to have my Skype kept open too. Of course, it’s no big deal to have both of them open alongside each other.  Although, it does do some slight harm to my attention spans. The fact that I can connect Skype to Twitter makes the whole superfluous problem less so.

Think of any chat application and you are sure to find some way to link it with Twitter. Heck, in the end it’s all about social networking. So it is with these four Twitter to Skype apps.

These four apps have a single point agenda – let your Skype contacts know what you are tweeting about. Skype displays a status message or what it calls the mood. In this box, you can write your own message, and even use a video to show your mood more animatedly.

These Twitter apps  use your freshly posted tweet as a way to personalize your Skype mood. Here’s how they do it.


skype status twitter


MySkwitter personalizes your Skype Mood with your latest tweet. Like all mood messages, your contacts can see what you are tweeting about. MySkwitter is available as a Skype Extra and you can install it directly from the Skype Extras Manager.

After installation, you have to feed in your Skype User ID and Twitter log-in details to map both to each other.


– The configuration are saved in a text file located at – %userprofile%\TweetConfig.txt. To reconfigure the settings, delete the text file.

– Skype Extras are not officially supported anymore as of September, 2009. Though, the gallery and the Skype Extras Manager Manager still continue to exist. No new Extras are being added.


skype status twitter

Skitter also works similarly to MySkwitter. The plug-in connects to your Twitter account (you don’t have to give the password), and displays your tweets in the Mood box. The Mood box is thus kept refreshed with the Tweets as it updates every minute.


skype status update

Twype is a small system tray application that monitors your Twitter account and updates Skype’s mood area with the latest tweet. Optionally, it can also post the currently playing track on Winamp, if you have it open.

According to the author’s notes, Winamp takes precedence over Twitter. But if you pause the media player, then the mood area reverts to the tweet. The tweets get auto-refreshed every 5 minutes.

Twype is a labor of love for the developer who coded it around his own personal habits. It’s a neat little app that works without the need for an installation.


skype status update

SyncMood got its inspiration from Twype and it is a similar System Tray plug-in. The essential difference between the two is that in SyncMood, you can configure the update interval and also set it up to ignore @reply tweets.

You need to have Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 installed.

These four apps are very basic in the way they let you personalize Skype’s status message with a tweet. Although I was a bit disappointed not to find a Skype plug-in that would let me go the other way – post a message to Twitter or even use Skype as an instant messaging Twitter client. A one-time web service called twitter4skype doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

But until an application like that comes along, I can make do with these four to keep my friends on Skype abreast with my tweets.

Image Credit: malthe

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