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If you are like thousands of other people who are tired of seeing spam in their search results, Google has an answer for you.  They have released a Chrome extension called PersonalBlocklist that will allow you to block unwanted search results when you use Chrome.

You can at any time unblock a website by removing it from the block list. Data about your blocking/unblocking patterns will be sent to Google so they can improve their products. Note that you will still see the blocked site in results if you use any other browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.

It is a great way to clean up your search results a little bit and block those annoying websites that come up every now and then. It can also be used as a search filter if you are looking for something specific and a particular website is polluting your results.

block unwanted search results


  • Block unwanted websites from Google search.
  • Block/unblock anytime.
  • Works with Google Chrome only.
  • Similar tool: Search engine blacklist.

Download PersonalBlocklist from Chrome Web Store

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  1. OMG Eureka
    April 12, 2011 at 6:09 am

    Actually Google was experimenting with that extension and now has integrated all the features of it publicly available for everyone to block websites / domain in the Google search results without any kind of extension or add-on.