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Most magazines you buy include airbrushed photographs of models. Airbrushing normally works wonders for simple images and gives them that ‘perfect’ look you see in magazines. While the technique was once exclusive to photography professionals, a new tool called Perfect365 helps regular people airbrush their photos with ease.

airbrush your photos

Perfect365 is an excellent web app and desktop app that has both free and premium version. iOS versions also exist. The company plans to release Facebook and Mac versions soon too. The app basically lets you airbrush your photographs with inexplicable ease. Unlike other image editing tools, the app automatically recognizes your face and then lets you perform certain airbrushes to it. You can select the airbrushes from the list provided and make various changes such as removing dark circles and erasing any hint of skin blemishes.


The app will get better as more people use it since it is entire cloud-based. You can use the desktop version too but the real feature-rich version is the premium desktop version for Windows that will cost you $29.99.


  • A user-friendly tool
  • Lets you airbrush your photos easily
  • Provides various airbrushing tools to improve digital images
  • Offers web apps, desktop apps, and iOS apps
  • Similar tools: PinkMirror, PicTreat, MakeUp, FotoCrib and FlauntR.

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