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Percentage Calculator is a dead simple tool with very selective but awesome features. It lets you calculate percentages or corresponding values easily. When calculating a percentage, there are usually 3 parts of the statement, the total value, the percentage and the resulting value. Percentage Calculator lets you input any two of these values and tells you the third one.

The tool also displays around 6 different statements to explain how the numbers you selected correlate to each other in terms of percentages and fractions. It also has a great explanation about what percentages are and how they originated. However, the most import part is that you can embed the calculator on any website and can even customize it according to your needs.

percentage calculator


  • A simple tool to calculate percentages.
  • Displays results in various forms for better understanding.
  • Customize and embed calculator on any website.
  • No registration required.

Visit PercentageCalculator @

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  1. Przemek Lipa
    January 13, 2012 at 11:38 am

    Awesome!  I really like how it shows all these related formulas.