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A number of websites require you to provide your email address and register for an account before you can use the site’s services. Afterwards many of these websites will send you useless spam emails. This is why instead of actual emails, temporary disposable email addresses should be used for site signups. If you are looking for a temporary email provider, check out Pepbot.

temporary email provider

Pepbot is a free to use temporary disposable email address provider. While signing up for an account on any website, provide the email address and replace ‘random’ with anything you want – alphabets and numbers only. To read the emails sent to the address, head on over to Pepbot’s homepage and type in the address you created and the recently sent email will be shown.

Pepbot also has one cool feature not supported by other similar sites. It can automatically click on any activation links that are in the email, simply add “˜-a’ to the address you choose i.e. This auto-URL-visiting action will be greatly helpful in registrations that require you to click on the email links for account activations.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Provides you with a temporary email address.
  • Lets you auto-visit the activation link emailed to you.
  • Helps you register for site accounts without providing your actual email address.
  • Similar sites: Less Spam Please, Tempalias and more in Makeuseof “disposable“ section.

Check out Pepbot @ (By Umar from TechCityInc)


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