Why More People Would Use Mac If It Cost The Same As Windows [Opinion]

PC vs. Mac   Why More People Would Use Mac If It Cost The Same As Windows [Opinion]I’m writing this on a Windows PC for one very good reason – Macs are too damn expensive. If only Apple were to lower the price of its full range of Mac computers then everyone could own one. Hell, it could even introduce a new entry-level base model of Mac to bring down the cost of owning a Mac, smashing the price-induced barrier to ownership in the process.

Apple could easily do this. It’s not like the company needs to make as much from each Mac sale as it currently does. And if it did head down this route then it would give Microsoft something else to worry about, on top of the fact that many people think Windows is long past it. Purely by the fact that I believe more people would use Mac if it cost the same amount of money as Windows.

PC vs. Mac

PC and Mac Couple   Why More People Would Use Mac If It Cost The Same As Windows [Opinion]

PC vs. Mac is a battle that has raged for what seems like forever, but it was especially fierce while Apple was trying to gain a foothold in the market. First in the 1980’s with the original Macintosh computer, and then again in the 2000’s after Steve Jobs returned to the company and rescued it from the brink of bankruptcy. Which, now he has gone, it could face once again.

Apple pulled off a masterstroke in characterizing PC vs. Mac with the now-infamous set of commercials credited with turning the fortunes of the Mac around. And yet the Mac’s share of the home computer market is still estimated to be only around the 10 percent mark (if we’re being generous). Which is pretty lame, all things considered.

Apple Premium

Apple Store Products   Why More People Would Use Mac If It Cost The Same As Windows [Opinion]

Apple believes consumers will pay extra in order to own a Mac. Or any of its products for that matter. Having the Apple logo stamped on a product gives you kudos and suggests you don’t accept second best. In which case it matters not that you’re buying a product that’s overpriced compared to the competition. It’s somehow worth it because it’s Apple.

That is true for some people. The (less than) 10 percent who have chosen a Mac over a Windows PC, essentially. But it isn’t true for most people, who have to justify the extra $100, $200, $500 they’re spending on hardware that does little different than the cheaper alternative. There are a few reasons to buy a Mac though.

Why Buy A Mac?

Apple Macbook   Why More People Would Use Mac If It Cost The Same As Windows [Opinion]

For some people the Mac is, if not an essential tool, then a very useful one, as Macs come with excellent software such as iLife and iWork pre-installed. There’s the added stability, the masterly support, and the lack of viruses (purely because most are designed to target Windows rather than Mac).

There is also the often overlooked fact that Macs hold their price much more so than Windows PCs. Most Windows PCs are fit for nothing more than recycling (to developing nations) after a few years of use, while Macs can be sold on for a fair chunk of money. But it still means spending a small fortune to begin with. Not that money is everything.

The Linux Factor

Linux Inside   Why More People Would Use Mac If It Cost The Same As Windows [Opinion]

If cost was the only thing that mattered then Linux would be number one, having broken through into the mainstream years ago. The fact it hasn’t suggests that the vast majority of consumers want a computer that works straight out the box and an OS that is simple to understand.

Both Microsoft and Apple offer this, while Linux requires some work on the user’s part. Yes, even Ubuntu. And most people are lazy by nature. All this shows us is that when it comes to price, simple-yet-affordable usually wins out, with the two extremes avoided by many. And Windows ticks all those boxes.


Computer Sale   Why More People Would Use Mac If It Cost The Same As Windows [Opinion]

If the price of a Mac was similar to that of a Windows PC then Apple’s share of the home computer market would rise much faster than it is currently. However, I’m not sure Apple is entirely bothered at this juncture, as the company sees its future in mobile (thanks to the iPhone and iPad).

Talking about a post-PC era surely means imagining a post-Mac era as well. A Mac is just a PC with a few added features and a nice logo on it, after all.

Have you chosen Windows over Mac at some point? Was the added cost in buying Apple the key point in your decision-making process? Would you switch to Mac if it cost the same to buy as a Windows PC?

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The main reason that I think you are right is the fact that most people don’t know or care enough about their computers to understand the difference. ¬†A lot of people like having their hands held when it comes to technology and are generally not intuitive enough to be frustrated with the “walled garden” of Mac products. ¬†This is not meant to be disparaging to either Apple or the people that like them. ¬†To me it is simply a matter of preference and technical intuition.

Dave Parrack

That means you wouldn’t buy a Mac if it cost the same as a Windows PC then?

With Apple you definitely have to buy into the whole ecosystem or leave well alone.


Dave, I do not know about the ecosystem you mention, but¬† I do know that if you want cheap, you can get many different cheap computers. Apple on the other hand and the Mac option is not cheap. I have both an IMac and a very nice MacBook that have both lasted longer than any PC box since the TRS 80 I bought at Radio Shack in 1979. Buy cheap get crap… Noone seems to consider that there are some very non-cheap PC/Windows systems out there too. I would personally never go back to any Windows based computer.

Dave Parrack

The Apple ecosystem by which all of its software and hardware works together and is needed to actually do anything. It’s a clever strategy as it means once you’ve bought one Apple product you’re likely to buy more.


Sorry but I disagree with the last part of your first sentence, “is needed to actually do anything”.

My iPhone works without any other Apple product. I recently got a MacBook Air only because Mac OS X is better for me and I like the design of the Air (even if I didn’t have an iPhone I would have still gotten the MacBook Air). I still use my PC, too.

I don’t have a Mac desktop or an Apple TV or an iPad. If I don’t have my iPhone, my MacBook Air works perfectly. Without my MacBook Air, my iPhone works perfeclty as well.

Dave Parrack

Perhaps that statement was a little broad, Nathan. Do you have iTunes though? That’s the glue that holds the ecosystem together.


It’s not simply simplicity though. There are a lot of geeks that prefer a Mac, some having migrated from Linux after the Mac OS gained a UNIX foundation.


Hi Dave,

Yes, I have chosen Mac over Windows.  Even though I have both, I prefer to use a Mac.  

Macs are pricy, but in the end you get what you pay for. ¬†I’m happy that I never see viruses or have to have extra software to combat that. ¬†In the end I really do think it’s worth it.

The added cost of a Mac was not the deciding factor for me.  It was the software and the quality of product that I was purchasing that mattered most.

Take care,



you’re going to hear this a lot, but I never see viruses, either. I never even get any warnings. I ran Windows for years without any trouble.

James Bruce

Actually, I used to think that too. Until I actually ran an anti-virus to scan for it. Turns out I did have viruses…. Ofcourse, if you already ran an anti-virus then obviously you wouldnt have any.¬†

Dave Parrack

That’s very fair comment, Evelyn. Obviously you’d like to see the price of Macs come down, as long as it doesn’t affect the quality?

As for malware, I would recommend even Mac owners protect themselves against it. As Macs become more popular so too will Mac malware.

Howard Pearce

“. If only Apple was …” ¬†… bad grammar sticks out like a sore thumb …. should be WERE … not WAS.

Dave Parrack

Thanks for the spot, Howard. I’m now wondering if you’re a PC or Mac man…

Howard Pearce

Mostly PC… but I got my first Mac about 1.5 years ago when I decided to splurge on a new “toy” :)
Since then I have been trying to read Mac articles when they show up.

Dave Parrack

You’re the perfect person to ask then. Which do you prefer? Is Mac superior enough to Windows to justify the increased expense? Would you like to see the price of Mac fall?

Mark Gordon

Sounds like you are trying to justify buying yourself a Mac.
I use mine, bought 18months ago specifically for my music as it has logic Audio (and I like logic).


That’s a difference of dialect. In the UK and to a lesser extent throughout the Commonwealth, collective nouns like a company name are often addressed as plural. It more of an American thing to use the singular. Although you’re very inconsistent: Apple *is*, but the Yankees *are*.

Dave Parrack

Thanks for commenting, sincarne.

That is the source of my confusion on occasion. I’m British but use U.S. English when writing for the Web. Having switched to treating companies as singular, the was/were conundrum sometimes trips me up.


it’s actually a matter of the subjunctive mood that makes for the if/were construction, not so much whether Apple should be a plural.


I know this is a bit old but this is a pet peeve of mine. You’re speaking of British grammar customs, not explicit rules. In the US (and in English grammar in general) it is proper and acceptable to to use “*Corporation Name* was.” Corporations and teams are collective nouns. A collection is a singular entity comprised of smaller parts but it is still a singular entity. “Apple is” or “Apple was” is perfectly correct in English.

Joel Lee

I would use a Mac over my PC if it weren’t for the exorbitant brand mark-up. Though if Apple really brought down their prices, all of the hipsters would have to find a new brand to flock toward. Alienware, maybe?


You are aware that Alienware is just another crappy DELL product?

Joel Lee

Yes, I am aware. I mentioned Alienware because it’s the closest alternative to Apple that I could name, at least in terms of horrifically-overpriced-for-its-quality. :)

Dave Parrack

That’s a very valid point that I didn’t cover, Joel. Whenever I’ve argued for Apple lowering the price of their hardware (particularly the iPad) fanboys have decried the very idea. They don’t want Apple products to be available to the great unwashed.


Disappointing to hear the whole “fanboy” and “hipster” thing come up. I’m not sure why Make Use Of are so down on Macs?

I think a legitimate response to yours and Joel’s points would be that Apple seem to be doing very, very well ignoring suggestions like these. Furthermore, the days when they did try to cater to an entry market with devices like the all-in-one Performa you could buy at Sears were some of the worst days in the company’s history.

Dave Parrack

MakeUseOf isn’t anti-Apple at all! Each writer and editor has their own views on the matter. Even I’m not against Apple, just against those who blindly support them on everything. And the best description for those people is ‘fanboys’.

James Bruce

Yeh, that’s not fair¬†@sincame:disqus¬†. MakeUseOf are not down on one particular platform at all, and I for one have written lots of pro-Mac articles. No one on the team is more outspoken against the worthless bile that is Android and Linux, than I.¬†

Dave Parrack

Thanks for showing us writers differ wildly in our opinions of what’s good and what’s not, James :)


I would happily switch to Mac if the price were a little more similar to Windows computers. ¬†The only reason I would switch is because of how long Macs last. ¬†I’ve had to buy two new HP computers in the past four years, but my mother was running the same Mac ever since 2002 up until this past December when a snow storm blew out our electricity, taking the Mac with it. I would definitely trade a computer that works perfectly for 10 years over a computer that barely works perfectly for four years.¬†

Dave Parrack

You’ve had a particular experience of Mac vs Windows. Macs are very well built but they can go wrong just like any other piece of consumer technology. I don’t think Windows PCs are any more prone to breaking, if treated well.


Remember that when comparing apple to windows machines that all apples are apples and not all windows machines are the same.¬† You can buy a cheap and inexpensive pc to run windows or you can buy a very high end one. Macs are very well made.¬† Windows computers are… well it depends and so it is not a valid comparison.


@DavePee:disqus , I have to disagree. Look at product recalls, etc. and the reasons why. I have a Compaq/HP laptop that has a design flaw where teh heat pipe cooks the video card. No real fix, only band-aids. I have a dell with consistent fan problems. I have had multiple desktops with awful power supplies. 

The PC I’ve owned that never gave me problems? Cost $100 less than a Mac Tower.

Dave Parrack

So you’re saying the reliability of a PC is directly proportional to how expensive it is?


in a nutshell, yes. If you’re willing to go spend say $2000 on an ASUS windows laptop you’re getting what you payed for. Personally i think that apple is overpriced because of their software. If you look at the specs on a $1000 mac book and a $1000 windows laptop (ASUS, Battalion, etc…) the windows lap top all ways has better hardware.


I have chosen Linux over WIndows. My story I got my old company laptop very cheap. Thinkpad x40. It came with windows XP on a rescue partition. Installing XP and updating to SP3 (so I can have a usable GUI interface to connect to wireless, for example ) took me 2 days.Literally.
Ubuntu took me less than half an hour to install and connect to the internet.
To me, the main selling point of Windows is the ability to run variety of consumer software – from high-end games to CAD systems and specialized software.
Apple is rich man linux, to me with bugs fixed and some¬† mainstream software…
The main reason old windows machines go to the third world, cos people dont tell their children “I am gonna install puppyLinux to your old PC for your birthday”. They buy new one. So, the price of these old machines drops fast.
Apple hardware, I think, holds its price mainly because Apple is boutique. Prove me wrong, but old and slow hardware is still slow even on Apple machine.  

Dave Parrack

The Linux perspective! Very interesting, thanks for commenting.


This might be little off-topic. :)
I will recommend everyone who has an old PC, spare USB, and an hour to spent to try Ubuntu. (or any other distro, but best thing bout Ubuntu is lot of support of the LARGE community).
Lets face it, most PC are used for browsing and editing some docs, some music. The install process is quite easy, and most of the things come pre-installed :)

Dave Parrack

I wouldn’t disagree with that. You never know, you may love Linux and never look back.


Me too a windows and a linux owner… i have a laptop on dual boot, an old desktop with Xubuntu and a gaming rig that runs , well what you think? -Windows 7!!!… and currently trying to finds parts for my HTPC that will run XBMC and also act as a webserver….

but mostly wish to sit on my Ubuntu machine

for me mostly since i earn less for me its about how will future hardware upgrades will be? easy? cheap?

and with windows and linux it is!

at times i had frustration that thing dont work as windows on a linux, especially network mounts/storage…

but its worth the effort to juggle on google, go to forums and solve it. and in the end the satisfaction that i accomplished something and that i did it by self is worth it… plus i learn something

[and over the years i realised, linx command line is way easier and simpler that the GUI, espicially system tasks]

also i like to keep my stuff simple , organised and away from my friends and family and since its linux friends and family dont go messing around….

and the recent humble bundle has made my hopes go up for games on linux..



James Bruce

Best. Comment. Ever. 


I’m a PC. I want to tell my computer what to be, not the other way around. With desktop PCs I can customize just about any part of the hardware to suit my needs (or build one myself, which I have). With laptop PCs it’s more limited but still far more flexible than the Mac.

As far as software, Windows dominates Mac as much or more than iPhone dominates WinPhone in their app stores. If it can be done by a computer, there’s much more likely to be a Windows program that does it. Similarly, if you need to run enterprise software, it’s more likely to run on Windows. Open source software is also more likely to be found for Windows (although Linux rules that arena).

Plus, there’s my personal prejudices. I used to think Apple and then Mac were cool, but I couldn’t afford them. Now, while cost is not an issue, I find that Apple, with their nanny mentality in their app store and, especially, with their attempt to enforce absurd patents to stifle competition, I have come to view them as trolls, at best.

Dave Parrack

Ooh, Apple as trolls? Controversial. There are many people who agree with you about Apple’s closed system and their overzealous defense of patents.

James Bruce

Yeh, I hate the fact that I can’t download malware that’s been added to the app store by some dodgy russian. Man, I wish I had the freedom that free-for-all app market allows.¬†


with great possibilities comes great responsibilities

obviously you’re not much UP FOR THAT and prefer being pampered by apple’s shiny products

James Bruce

Ah, but absolute power corrupts absolutely! And you should always go for low hanging fruit. 



most pc problems come generally come from idiotic users who download 4kb software from limewire


They say that once you use Mac you never go back. Well I’m one of the few who has used a Mac and gone back. I own several machines. Some are Macs, some Windows based, and some with Linux. I use all three¬†platforms¬†daily and I can tell that I rank Macs last when¬†choosing¬†which ones I prefer to use.¬†
There are many reasons for this but the one the sticks out the most to me is that I feel ripped off using a Mac. They are way over priced for what you get. Even if you¬†believe¬†the BS about how much better a Mac is (and¬†believe¬†me it’s BS) it’s still not that much better than Windows or Linux to justify the prices and walled system you have to put up with.

For half the price of a similar Mac I can get twice the Windows computer and easily dual boot Linux. Now I have way more machine and two excellent OS on it for half the price. Mac gets away with¬†this¬†for the simple fact most people are none thinking losers. If Apple put out a brick of shit with an Apple logo on it you can bet your life there would be line ups of idiots to buy it and the whole time they would be telling¬†themselves¬†how cool they are for “thinking different”. Which ¬†brings me to another reason I don’t like my Macs. I’m¬†embarrassed¬†to be a Mac owner. I don’t won’t to be thought of or looked at like them. I don’t want to think I’m better than everybody else because I was¬†stupid¬†and over paid for a computer with an apple on it. I don’t want to be lumped into same group as the Mac Borgs that stand in line to be the first to buy a product¬†because¬†I “think different” while I’m being a sheep in line.

As for Viruses. If you have been paying attention Macs has been getting hit with some malware recently and it will get worse as they become more popular. I have never had a virus on Windows. I can’t¬†remember¬†the last time my AV even alerted me to blocking¬†anything. The truth is if you use some common sense you can use Windows with no malware problems. The problems start when you are an idiot and use the computer like a fool. Guess what? It’s those same idiots that buy Macs just to be cool and they can get away with things now that they couldn’t with Windows.

I will use my Macs until they reach the end of their useful life then I will not replace them. There is no way I can justify paying the price for a machine and OS that is at best equal to Windows and Linux and then putting up with all the stupid restrictions and BS hype that goes with Macs.

Dave Parrack

Brilliant comment. Especially about the fanboys who will buy anything purely because it’s from Apple.

If a Windows, Mac, and Linux machine all cost the same and had similar specs, which would you go for?


Linux, Windows 7, Mac in that order. The choices you have ¬†with Linux and the freedom to do what you want makes it my first choice even if the costs were the same. Of course the costs aren’t the same so it makes Linux even more the obvious choice for me.¬†

i posted this from a 7 year old Dell laptop running Ubuntu 11.10 using Gnome 3 Shell as my desktop environment. Runs great. Linux lets me extend the useful life of an old machine. Try running Lion on a 7 year old Mac.

Dave Parrack

I really haven’t explored Linux as much as I should have. The fact you’d choose it over everything else suggests I should!

James Bruce

No, really, dude. Don’t go there.¬†


take the plunge, and dont be disappointed if the only distro you try doesnt suit you. You always get more choices. it just might be worth it


James bruce is obviously an apple fanboy ( which I believe is different from a true apple fan) who barely knows things about OS and their capabilities and potentials. He prefers staying in the apple zone, where he is practically being SPOONFED

James Bruce

My windows and linux PCs would be hurt to hear that. And 20+ years of experience with pretty much every OS under the sun disagrees with you too. Awww ;(


@James Bruce The fact that i’ve read a good portion of your comments on here tells me that this “20+ years of OS knowledge” is absolute bs. Had you taken the time to learn about other OS and stop talking out your ass you may make believe you know something. I’m not going to do what you just did and lie and say ive been working with OS for 20 years, as i’ve only gotten a Mac last January and haven’t run Linux nor Ubuntu on any of my computers, but i’ve worked with them on other computers. To say not to try it out is absolutely absurd. Also if you can tell me at least 1 piece of tech knowledge that not every one who has half a brain an runs windows knows, i might actually believe your ludicrous statement.


The thing is, if you want to run Mac OS but don’t want to buy Apple hardware, you can. hackintosh builds are fairly simple, and the OS itself costs less than Windows. Those who have that skillset and that desire DO build hackintoshes, but the majority of us (i.e. those that have the skillset but don’t want to bother with OSX) don’t. So clearly OSX isn’t a great OS to use, otherwise more power users would be using it. Personally, I find OSX clunky and a pain to use.

Dave Parrack

On its own OS X isn’t great, but put it in a well-built Mac and it has considerable plus points. If an Apple Mac cost the same as a Windows PC I’d at least like one of each…


I’ll grant you that in some lines Apple devices are more expensive that their counterparts. I have a mid-range MacBook Pro I bought early last year to take advantage of some tax incentives for small businesses. I could have bought an Asus at the same price point with almost exactly the same specs, but the Asus had a much more powerful GPU. There’s a lot of that kind of thing.

However people seem to ignore the fact that traditional PC manufacturers are having a really hard time competing with the MacBook Air on price. HP’s Page Murray even went so far to accuse Apple of being in a “race to the bottom”, claiming they were too cheap in the Ultrabook field.

Similarly, you can’t find a tablet that has anywhere near the customer satisfaction of the iPad at any price point. Devices that have come in at a similar price have ended up on fire sale. Cheaper devices ship way fewer units, sell even fewer, and have very high return rates. So yes, the iPad may be more expensive than a lot of the competition, but you’re very clearly paying a premium for a significant jump in quality.

I think the “Apple Premium” argument will shortly be the same as the “you can’t right click on a Mac” argument.

Ashutosh Mishra

I agree, but Apple’s cheapest computer still costs $999 (and more outside the US), and that’s still an awful lot of money for many. The ultrabooks might be struggling to match the Air on price, but there are other fairly powerful laptops out there that cost much less.¬†


I’m afraid that’s not entirely true. I’m in Canada, and I can buy a Mac Mini new for $565 right now. I could buy a Core 2 Duo refurbed Air for $799 or a refurbed Core i5 MacBook Pro for $979. I can also buy a stock, new Core i5 Air for $939.


Then again, right now, Dell (just to pick a random major vendor) is selling a new Inspiron S Slim Tower for $549. For that you get a 3.0GHz i5, 6GB of RAM, a 1TB 7200 RPM HDD, and a DVD writer versus the Mac Mini’s 2.3GHz i5, 2GB of RAM, a 500GB 5400 RPM HDD, and no DVD writer. The only advantage the Mini has is the Thunderbolt port.


Yours is one way of looking at it. Other factors include Dell’s terrible reputation for build quality and customer service, while Apple’s is excellent. One review mentioned the Inspirons get noisy under load, the Mac Mini runs silent. The Dell comes loaded with crapware and trials, the Mac doesn’t.

On a more personal note, I like the Mac Mini form factor way better, and kind of think the Inspiron is ugly (I like Shuttles, though, for small form factor PCs, have build many for friends.) I also prefer the Mac OS, and believe it does more out-of-the-box than Windows. I do miss Frontrow, though, and am coming around on Windows Media.

Ashutosh Mishra

I am from India, which is a typical third world country, and Apple products will always seem way overpriced to me. They’re definitely worth the price (I have used iPhones and Macbooks and they’re awesome); but the price itself is so high they are way beyond nearly everyone’s reach.¬†

Dave Parrack

The iPad is another debate altogether. So far no Android tablet has been able to compete with it. But that won’t always be the case. In fact, I’d argue there will be several good alternatives available by the end of this year.


Even as a Windows Fanboy, I still think as of now the best smartphone brand in the market is the iphone.Unfortunately its closed system is still one of its biggest downsides that’s why Jailbreaked iproducts are awesome.¬†

But in my opinion even though androids, bb’s and window phones have still a lot of catching up to do in designing a “cooler” phone , these OS’s will be much more succesful than iphone in the future due to more possibilities because of their open systems

Ashutosh Mishra

I’d use a Mac for one single reason – Apple’s font rendering. I much prefer Apple’s print-like font rendering to the ClearType fonts on Windows. That’s the only reason I use Safari on my PC at times.¬†

Of course, I am not going to spend twice as much money on a computer just because the fonts look better. If the Macs were significantly cheaper, I’d definitely buy one (in India the entry-level Mac Mini costs more than the monthly salary of 90% of the population, hence the reason for Apple’s 0% market share).

Coming to operating systems, I think both Windows and OS X have matured to a point where neither is significantly better or worse than the other. It’s just a matter of what you’re used to. For example, I taught my mom, who had never used a computer before, to use Ubuntu and she loved it. Then I taught her to use Windows XP, and she loves it as well.¬†

Dave Parrack

Your mom uses Ubuntu? Awesome mom.

Apple really doesn’t have a market at all in developing countries, does it?

Ashutosh Mishra

These days she’s using this Samsung netbook which has horrible brightness issues with Ubuntu, so I put XP on it, and she’s comfortable with that as well. As long as she can easily find big icons for Opera, Skype, and her photos folder, she is good to go on any OS. :)

Talking about Apple products, the cheaper iPod models (classic/shuffle/mini) are very popular, but that’s about it. You will find about ten iPhones and Macs, combined, in my college campus, and it’s one of the better colleges out here.¬†

When you consider current average income in India and other developing countries, ALL computers and smartphones, not just the ones by Apple, are overpriced. And Apple products are priced way above those overpriced gadgets. Obviously, they don’t sell very well. This will change as the incomes keep rising, but it’s going to take tens of years.


I know I would buy a Mac over a PC if the prices were the same, but I would use it after Ubuntu though. ;-)

Dave Parrack

Another Linux user. I’m guessing like me you’d ideally like one of each?

Mark Gordon

This is a very simplistic argument, although correct, Apple would increase its market share if the price was lower. They know that, we know that and anyone that understands the concept of supply and demand can come to that conclusion.
People want an operating system they can use, a few want a Mac but can’t afford it. Some “Fanboys” see it as a status symbol (apparently I can’t be a fanboy because I have a Black iphone and not a white one) while there are users that do get more peace of mind from knowing that most things will work.
Because Windows has a dominant market share and is the OS that most people have learnt to use they will still take a long long time to lose their share to Apple even if the prices were dropped.
Corporates would not adopt Mac because of they started to match the price of a PC, the world is currently so entrenched in microsoft that change cannot happen yet.
Apple are a company that is there to make money, by dropping there price they may ship more units but they may not make any more profit. More work for the same profit, would you do that?

Dave Parrack

Dropping the price wouldn’t mean more work for the company though. It would mean more work for Chinese production line employees.

I can see your point though. If some people are willing to pay the extortionate prices set by Apple then who can blame the company for continuing to sell their goods at those prices.

James Bruce

My wife has a pink iPhone. ZOMG. 


Didn’t you say you gave her your old iPhone? How come that’s pink? ;)

James Bruce

Good catch! Yes, but she cracked the screen so we had to send it off for out of warranty repair Рgetting it rebuilt with pink case cost the same as just replacing the screen anyway, so figured might as well… quality service, these guys: http://www.iphonefixed.co.uk/


The real reason people choose Windows over a free alternative is the fact they can get it for free. Windows is common, “offers” pirated games + pirated office and it’s familiar. ¬†


Sure if the software I need to do my job had a MAC-OS version.

Zach Stroh

As an engineer, Macs simply don’t run the software I need. I have a lot invested in ¬†windows-based machines, and have no intention of doing a costly switch for something that couldn’t support my profession. I’ve never had a problem with Windows that I couldn’t fix myself.

Dave Parrack

Is there anything Apple could do to persuade you to switch?


I think you are coming up a little short sided on this, as many have before.
Realize, you are talking about two totally different business models. Apple makes their own hardware and OS. Nobody else (aside from a failed attempt many years ago) makes hardware for OSX or iOS. Microsoft, at least in respects to computers and mobile devices, only makes software. So, to think that Apple could, should, or would, try and compete on the less expensive PC market takes a lot more thought than just thinking it can happen. I have been a Mac user for most of my computing life, and detest the Windows OS. I am typing this on an iMac that is also running Windows 7 via VMWare. :)


If you do your homework, you can get a Mac at a not-so-exorbitant price. Of course, you will have to find a salesperson to point you at the ONE Mac Mini that they have on display in the store.

I’ve built my own PCs for a long time. I bought the Mac Mini two weeks ago because it costs only a fraction of what other Macs cost, and it does everything I need it to do.

Dave Parrack

That would imply Apple wants to appeal to the mainstream but doesn’t
actually want anyone to buy the “lesser” model. That only adds to my
belief the company is taking advantage of consumers.


I would buy a Mac vs a PC if they cost the same.

The Mac hardware seems to be more stable but some PCs are pretty durable as well. OS is key. Mac OS is very easy to pick and use. I’ve switch over from 100% PC to 100% Mac 2 years ago going cold turkey.

A lot of apps are very well integrated on the Mac, which is nice. I can handle tweaks and adjustments if needed but my time would be better spend doing something else.

Dave Parrack

You switched despite the added expense of doing so? Would you like to see more people given that opportunity by Apple dropping the price needed to gain entry into the exclusive Mac club?

Kyle Taylor

You know, I’ve been using Windows for as long as I can remember. I’ll be graduating with my Computer Science degree in May and coming from a developer standpoint, I think it’s best to have both.

The main reason is for iOS developing. If you want to do it, you NEED a Mac. There are some other developing perks involved with Macs, but really most software you need, you can find easier on a Windows platform, especially Android development. I’ve seen hundreds of web developers on their Macbook Airs and Pros, but I haven’t found any significant perks offered over Windows, other than the “hipster” effect.

Would I prefer a Macbook Pro? Yes. Am I going to run Windows in Parallels? Absolutely.


This is a very old, rehashed to death “opinion”.

XXX makes really Nice things but I am too cheap to buy one, so I complain.

You get what you pay for.¬† YOU did not pay for quality and outstanding customer support.¬† It’s a package deal.

If they are SOOO overpriced, why are all those companies having such a hard time Copying the Macbook Air on Price?

Dave Parrack

Apple’s margins are huge, which is why the company has so much money sloshing about. They could afford to cut the price by a considerable margin but choose not to.


The idea that Macs are more expensive and Windows PCs is complete nonsense; a myth perpetuated by people who can’t bring themselves to accept facts. Instead, they’d rather try to find comfort in their distorted worldview that everything about the Macintosh is “expensive”, a “walled garden”, and that they’d buy one “if only Apple would reduce the price.”

But facts are inconvenient to the lies people tell and the delusions they suffer from. It’s been established many times that Macs are the same or less than comparably-spec’d PCs. Just because some Mac models are more expensive than others doesn’t mean that Macs as a whole are more expensive than a PC. If Apple were to engage in a price war with PC makers, it would not benefit them in any way. A race to the bottom in price certainly hasn’t benefited the PC makers: they’re all losing money on those pieces of junk and creating a lot of bad will on the part of their customers. Which is exactly why Apple doesn’t chase that market.

PC makers don’t actually support the crap they sell: they view support as a value-added service; one for which they charge you by the minute to wait on Hold, then charge you for the actual “support” they could have provided via a web link for that issue. Whereas Apple actually gives you 90 days of free support, with the option of buying AppleCare for a full two years of unlimited phone support, as well as hardware support. In addition, you can get free help via the Genius Bar at any Apple Store near you.

The opinion presented by Mr. Parrack is simplistic and misguided; it’s based on false assumptions and lacks any evidence to support his conclusions. He’s certainly entitled to his opinion, but that doesn’t make it less wrong.

Dave Parrack

90 days of free support? That’s really not long.

I don’t accept the argument that Macs are already the same price as PCs. is this when you throw in all the extras such as buying anti-virus software and getting a PC fixed when it goes wrong? Macs certainly hold their price better than PCs, but how many people sell their computers on anyway?

James Bruce


Purchase price is not the whole picture. People who consider the initial purchase price are pretty terrible with finances, FYI. 

Compare: You buy an inkjet printer for $10, BARGAIN, but each ink cartridge costs $100. Or, you could buy that $1000 laser printer with $1 consumables. Assuming 1 ink cartridge a month, 2 year life of the printer – which would you go for? Your current argument says you’d buy the inkjet, and that the laser printer manufacturers are idiots for pricing it so high.¬†


The reason apple can offer support on their machines is because they are the sole distributor and manufacturer. The reason that isn’t available for many PCs is because they allow multiple companies to make them. Windows related errors can often be solved by one of the 1000s of websites dedicated to them, or free phone lines provided by Dell, sometimes even ISPs, and often Microsoft themselves.

Your argument only holds true assuming you actually stick with that same Mac for as long as many fanboys believe it will last. If you truly think it will outlast 2+ pcs (relative cost) then you are likely misguided. I know countless people that throw their old Apple device right out of their lives as soon as the brand new one comes out. Antivirus isn’t an issue either, it is unbelievably cheap to buy, and many are free. Not only this, if you know what you’re doing on the computer, you can run a few programs and browser add-ons and never have to worry about an antivirus. Apple products are a pain in the dick to upgrade the hardware on, and are losing their edge in media development anyway. I can’t tell you how many times Ive heard the same spoonfed argument about how hollywood producers use them to make music or movies. I can tell you how many people I know who actually do use them to do those actions: 0.


If someone gave me a Mac I’d use it, but I’ve never found any compelling reason to switch. As long as one of the reasons on Apple’s “Why You’ll Love a Mac” page (
http://www.apple.com/why-mac/¬†)¬†is still that it can run Windows in VM to run Windows applications I’ll just stick with Windows. I can honestly say I’ve never needed OSX to get something done on my computer. I also despise their marketing style, but that doesn’t really factor into my purchasing decisions.


I am a recent “switcher” to Mac. I never thought I would be, but it happened. And it wasn’t for the typical reasons.

Viruses, etc. are the beginning of an empty market. When a Mac is targeted by a professional it goes down just like a Windows machine. There aren’t many MAc viruses because, really, how would they spread? There isn’t enough market saturation of Mac OS to make it worth the time.¬†

“MacOS is just BETTER” — eh. maybe. It depends what you need. Do I love the design aesthetic, sure do … the little things make it “feel” faster, even if it isn’t. But there are plenty of things I could do without as well.

For me, it was important to compare Apples to apples (if you’ll pardon the pun). ¬†A $1000 MacBook Air seems expensive compared to the stuff on the shelf at Best Buy, sure. But they aren’t comparable machines. And I am not just talking about drive space and processor speed. What if you compare an Air to a new UltraBook? ¬†Price competitive. Similar specs all around.

Do I wish Apple would make a cheap plastic laptop so I could get one for my kid? Heck yes. Do I think it will happen? No. Apple, like Jaguar, BMW, William Sonoma, Brooks Brothers, etc. makes high-end products. They really are well engineered, excellent products. Period.


I bought mac after using windows based computers for years. And am much happy to use mac. Mac costs high for right reasons. I feel i got more than what i have paid for, seriously!


I have only had Windows computers and they do me just fine.I would love to own a MAC but I am not paying the outrageous ridiculous price for thier computers..come down to windows computer prices and ill get one and see what all the hype is about


Brilliant comment. Especially about the fanboys who will buy anything purely because it’s from Apple.

If a Windows, Mac, and Linux machine all cost the same and had similar specs, which would you go for?


That would imply Apple wants to appeal to the mainstream but doesn’t actually want anyone to buy the “lesser” model. That only adds to my belief the company is taking advantage of consumers.

ajck bill

I will say that i love my mac but i cant get anywhere without windows. windows has a more well established application (program) base while manny people tend to develop less for mac. If every game that was available on windows was fully available on mac without any bugs then everyone would switch over

Dave Parrack

Not at the current price it costs to buy a Mac, they wouldn’t.

Bipin Bhandari

If mac and windows will have same price than apple won’t be able to spend¬† sufficient amount on research and development. Moreover, apple will lose loyal customers because it won’t be giving same value to customers that it used to before. I think people mostly buy mac because it’s uncommon among their friends and relatives. If everyone is having a mac, they will llose incentives to buy mac. I don;t think computer exports will never buy mac because they understand flexibility and freedom in windows..

Dave Parrack

Is it a valid reason to buy a Mac just because it’s somehow exclusive? Fanboyism at its very worst.


I agree, for the most part, only if the drop in price isn’t followed by a drop on quality. I’ve chosen Mac over PC, and I don’t think I’ll be going back in the foreseeable future.

However, I think we’re starting to see a trend in which Apple products aren’t that expensive compared to the competition. Look at the ultrabook craze that’s going on. It took a $300 million investment from Intel to allow companies to even match, or slightly undercut, MacBook Air pricing.

Dave Parrack

The ultrabook pricing is interesting, but I can see the prices dropping over the next few years. Apple doesn’t do that, retaining its high prices despite the lowering costs of components and manufacturing.

Mitch Brown

Hi Dave,
Good article… I think the price of the mac is a big part of the appeal of owning a mac. Mac’s have become the louis vuitton of computers. its a status symbol and is synonimous with creativity due to its major implementation in the graphic design industry. As a result people who are seen with a mac are automatically viewed as being a creative person and who doesn’t want to be viewed as creative and unique.
If Apple lowered the price of their computers and gained a large market share it would be similar to everybody owning a loius vuitton… all of a sudden no-one would be viewed as unique or creative they would just blend in to the crowd.
This is why Apple are in no rush to push for more market share. I will give them that, they are kings of marketing but lets face it… when it comes to hardware bang for buck you will get a nice mid to high spec notebook for the price of the entry level mac.

Dave Parrack

Not to get political but isn’t that a sad indictment of our society? That the haves will happily spend more money on a product to be seen as separate to the have-nots?

I understand a Mac is pretty much essential for those in graphic design, but I know students who have had to spend a fortune on buying one when they could have done with using the money for other things.

James Bruce

That’s utter nonsense, sorry. Perhaps you *perceive* Macs to be the equivalent of Louis Vuitton (which I presume you don’t own any of), but projecting your own personal feelings as the *reason* why others purchase a Mac is severely misguided.¬†

FYI, you should look up something called “total cost of ownership”, particular in a corporate environment. You’ll find that actually Macs are cheaper than Windows based machines to support in the long run.¬†

Charlie Mullett

I think you are right – it is simple demand theory. Price goes down (both in relative terms to substitutes, or in nominal terms) demand goes up.

A mac is, I think most will agree, a premium product – its design and hardware features are well done. So it would follow it was priced at the same as an ‘equivalent’ windows PC then it would make sense to buy.¬†But that would mean Apple would be loosing out on¬†revenue¬†from creating (if you agree) a¬†superior¬†product. (I would disagree that “A Mac is just a PC with a few added features and a nice logo on it, after all.”)

I own a mac (laptop) and a windows PC. For my next PC I will try a hackintosh as I feel Apple are too good wringing all the extra revenue from the choice!


Dear Dave, I think you are missing some basic sense of economics and capitalism here. Apple sells their products at a premium because they can.If they couldn’t get that premium they would not do it.Nowhere in their company charter does it say that they need to lower their prices,bring out a low cost model, or save the world. Their strategy has made them one of the largest companies and one of the most profitable ones, why should they change? They continually innovate bringing new products to market, inventing whole segments, and adding profitable services to those markets. To the silly people who talk about closed systems and app review it ensures stability and security. Wait till your Android app goes very wrong and you find there is no security review from Google on it.

Articles like these always bring out the Apple fanatics and the PC lovers who engage in endless baiting each other. But it doesn’t move the ball forward.
I ‘ve been a PC user since I went and bought a Commodore 64 and had my wife sit and read endless streams of machine language while I typed it into a program that the hard disk crashed. I’ve used P.C.’s because I’ve never been able to afford an Apple. I can do DOS and play in the registry but some years ago decided that I just wanted to drive the car, and not have to continually tinker with the timing belt and the fuel injection.However good Windows gets and I think 7 is pretty good you still end up getting your hands dirty.
I have always had the feeling that at Microsoft the Engineers designed the software first and then asked the front end guys to put the customer interface on it for the customer. This results in an awful lot of convulated commands to get things done that should be much simpler.
Then I got an I phone. By the time I was out of the store on the way to the car I was putting info into it and getting it working. That was nearly 3 years ago. I have never had to read the manual, only had one crash and I think that was my fault and was easily sorted out.I use it 24 hours a day and take it with me everywhere. It works and it works like it is supposed to do, like humans do. That’s when i realized that Apple really think of how the customer uses their products and maps out the different approaches. Then the front end guys work with the engineers together to bring it all off. Closed system, app approval, yep I love it. No blue screens, no CD:C:¬† I can’t say enough about it.
So yes I would by Apple at the same price, at a better premium, but I am really going to have to have a really good year to buy one at the regular premium.

Dave Parrack

I understand capitalism but it doesn’t look pretty when you have Apple doing what it is currently. I admit I don’t understand the cult that Apple has managed to build. They make good products, of course they do, but nice enough to put that kind of premium on top?

It really depends what you want from your devices. You’d obviously prefer ease of use but no control over things that you own. Others prefer choice.

James Bruce

“it could even introduce a new entry-level base model of Mac to bring down the cost of owning a Mac,”¬†

You know what a mac mini is right?

Dave Parrack

The Mac Mini still isn’t exactly cheap, especially when you start adding in the cost of all the extras you’ll have to purchase to make it usable.

A tech guy

I would not switch to mac even if the price were the same because 90% of the applications that I use are not on the mac. Now if mac reached a huge marketshare and app development went that way then I would reconsider but until then it’s windows for me.

Dave Parrack

I just don’t buy into that argument. I’ve had my current Windows 7 laptop for just over two years and the only thing I have bought for it is a new mouse. All the software I run is free, and when it eventually succumbs to old age I’ll buy a brand new PC that will.


*sigh* To be honest, I would buy a Mac if they were the same price as a Windows computer. Simply because they look reeaallly nice!

Heru Ammen

I run UBUNTU and WIN7 on a high end PC. I own an Android phone. I love both operating systems because they run flawlessly, are business user friendly and are easy to use and train others on. My Android phone (Motorola Photon) is exceptionally fast and easily adapts to business (tethering, presentations, conferencing, etc.) and entertainment (TV via HDMI, video, audio)¬† I’ve used MACS in the past and had the privilege of using an IPhone 4 for over a year. They’re cool. However I wouldn’t consider switching. I love the simplicity of Windows and the ubiquitous nature of UBUNTU and Android. The latter two gives one the ability to create their own experience as they see fit; without being forced to join a closed ecosystem. I can pick and chose software and apps from various open source companies to create “my” experience. With Apple, one is limited to their proprietary apps or apps approved by them in choosing one’s experience. That may be cool for those that need that type of direction. However in this writer’s opinion, the freedom to choose is the mother of innovation. Unfortunately it appears that Apple doesn’t agree with that sentiment.


I would buy a Macbook plainly for OSX, because hardware is pretty much the same (I can get it in a Dell XPS laptop).

On OSX, I like the apps’ quality – especially the interface. Windows lacks it. But with Metro UI we can expect some eye candy apps on Windows 8.

Font rendering, UEFI and ability to install Windows over it natively – I like dual booting!

But still, I think, Windows is better for people who do a lot customization.


“(purely because most are designed to target Windows rather than Mac).” Really? That’s the ONLY reason Macs have exactly 0 viruses (ignoring Leap.A, it may TECHNICALLY be a virus, but that’s too laughable) and very very (as in MAYBE a dozen) little malware?

This myth has been busted a few times now. pwn2own has been exposed as a biased event to Macs, etc.

The Mac is simply more secure, it’s as simple as that!

Reuben Walker

No, the article was right about that. Why would anyone spend time developing a virus that only targeted a small amount of computers? (Except for the case of things related to Information Warfare, like the Stuxnet worm.)


Bragging rights?
Grudge against that company? (and trust me, there seem to be a lot of people with grudges against Apple, most of it due to jealousy)
Mac users are a richer demographic?

executive gifts

Hello makeuseof! I do believe that the PC won, the reason behind this is because I did not encounter a Mac here in the Philippines in the 90’s.¬† One hundred percent of the computers that I encountered¬† are PC’s. , hence¬† the PC won.


Yes if a MC WA the same price I would buy a Mac…I can get a faster sronger computer with windows for a few hundobless so I went with pc


After being forced to work 2 months on a Mac, never again! I will drag my 17″ Dell on a trip next time, regardless of the extra plane fees! The design? Stop kidding me, I almost lost my wrists! The quality? Hello, my Dell is exactly the same age and does not have tape on it to hold it in one part. It would have to be 15% cheaper than a PC for me to even consider.

Dave Parrack

That’s an interesting comment. Most people find they love Macs after getting used to the differences.


Actually, if you have ever priced them on a true comparison basis, Macs are not more expensive. When I started grad school, I did just that because I hated my PC so much, and hated every piece of Microsoft software I was forced to buy.

I went to Apple’s web site and chose a basic computer with the HD, RAM, and Mac software that I wanted (Pages, Keynote and Numbers–much superior to the their Microsoft counterparts). The total cost for all was just over $1100. Then I copied all the data about the Mac and went to HP and Dell. On both of those sites, I had to add a LOT to the computers to get them almost equal in size, speed, etc., to the Mac. Then I loaded Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

When I was done bringing a PC up to the level of a Mac, the cheapest one was over $1200. Not only that, I ended up with a computer that had less overall problems than any PC will ever have (in fact, still have it, still use it–it’s six years old). During that time I have replaced the keyboard and the power pack. If it had been a PC, I would have replaced the whole computer by now.

Apples for apples (pun intended), the Mac was a better deal.

Dave Parrack

I respectfully disagree. You can get a comparable PC a lot cheaper than a Mac. And I have never paid for software. There is always a free alternative somewhere.

I know people who have had PCs for that long and not had to replace anything.

iphone 5 preis

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Everybody says that a Mac is dearer than a PC, but I would hold the opposite opinion. Let us say you can choose between two jobs. The first one would be to administrate 100 Windows PCs and the other one would be to administrate 200 Macs. From my experience with both systems, the second option would be easier, even though I know Windows better than Mac OS. It would involve less trouble and less labour for me to manage 200 Macs than 100 PCs. In other words, Macs may be cheaper than PCs if you take everything in consideration.
Some years ago, I lost a Unix server at work (not joking). We never had to do anything to keep it going, and it worked unattended for several years. It took half an hour till we found it in a forgotten cupboard. This would be very unlikely with a Windows machine.
This is work, but what about home? I have two PCs, two iMacs and two Linux machines, but almost all of my administration time is used to take care of the two Windows PCs. By guesswork, I would say 90%, 5% and 5%.


I am a mac user,but never buy them new as they are so expensive especially in Britain in fact macs are dearer in Britain than any other country in the world and that puts me off buying them new.


Considering that many “professionals” have attempted to crack a Mac and have been unable to do it, that says quite a bit about the security of Macs. There are no viruses for Macs, so your statement that there aren’t many implies that there actually are some, which just isn’t true.

Dave Parrack

A very well thought out comment. Thank you, Bill.

Apple products are well engineered, I cannot argue with that. I just can’t compare Apple to other high-end manufacturers. While a BMW is better than a Toyota I’m not convinced a Mac is better than a PC.

Dave Parrack

I think we’ve seen in recent weeks how there ARE viruses for Mac. And insisting there isn’t is rather harmful.


No, you haven’t. Once again, you’re exhibiting your ignorance of the issue. There are no viruses for Mac OS X. Your apparent reference to the Flashback trojan indicates you don’t know the difference between a virus and other types of malware.

When you or anyone else finds an actual virus, let me know.

Dave Parrack

It’s all malware. The point is a Mac is just a PC at heart, and if targeted is just as susceptible.


A virus is a type of malware, but all malware is not a virus. Pushing the idea that a trojan horse is a virus shows your lack of knowledge on the subject, and/or a willingness to deceive in order to make your point.

No, a Mac is not a PC at heart. If you believe that no one has attempted to write a virus for Mac OS X, you’re woefully misinformed. Just as hackers have been unable to hack into a Mac, virus writers have been unable to infect a Mac, because it is very different than a PC.

Dave Parrack

I do understand the differences. I just reject the notion that Macs can’t get viruses. Just because they haven’t yet doesn’t mean it’s impossible. They’re certainly not immune. A Mac is still a Personal Computer, and built on architecture that is far from flawless. I would advice any Mac-owning friends to protect themselves just in case.


HA! you really think that Mac’s can’t get virus’? You have to be the most IDIOTIC person ive seen on this so far. Mac software is just, if not more vulnerable that windows software. The fact that George Hotz can hack a iPhone shows that they have massive holes in there software. The kid knows the bare minimum of what he’s doing and was able to do that, their are people who are 40000x the hacker george hotz is. Trust me, if they wanted to target the people using Mac’s they would, but it’s comments like what you made right here which make them realize its not worth their time considering you’re just another person who bought into marketing hype and bought an expensive computer with cheap software and sub par hardware, basically what i’m saying is that you, along with most people who decided to buy a mac product and started talking out your ass without any knowledge of what their talking about, are an idiot and these hackers realize that you wouldn’t be worth the 5 minutes it takes to write a Mac virus


Mac software is basically windows, go watch the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley. It gives all the back story to how windows was created (bill gates basically stole and re-wrote the first Mac software) and also shows you how Mac software was, and still is sub par.


Well, “anon”, you’ve proven yourself to a pathetic little troll who knows absolutely nothing. You not only claim that everyone is an idiot compared to you, but also that Mac OS X is more vulnerable to viruses than Windows. In addition, you can’t seem to tell the difference between iOS and Mac OS X, which are entirely different things. You also hurl epithets at people, claim to know their motivations, and hide behind the name of “anon”. That’s what cowards do, because they know they have nothing to back up the bile they spew at others.

If somebody had actually hacked an iPhone, it would prove nothing, since the issue here is not the iPhone; it’s Mac OS X. Nobody has been able to hack Mac OS X, and there are no viruses for it. The reason is simple: it’s much more secure than any version of Windows, which is quite easy to hack, as has been proven many times. Even worse, there are many, many, many viruses and other assorted malware for Windows, totalling over 150,000 separate items to date, with more being added every week.

Apparently you haven’t been paying attention to the news, since sales of Windows-based PCs are declining, and have been for years, while sales of Macs are going up and accelerating. So that turns you delusion on it’s head with actual facts! Now if sales of Macs have been going up for years while PC sales are going down, then by your own admission, there should be people out there writing viruses that will actually work on a Mac. But so far, your argument isn’t working out well for you.

When you grow up and learn to act like an adult, then you can make comments here. Until then, go back to watching Barney, or Romper Room.