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Penzu is a fast, intuitive and clean online diary site. If you keep a personal journal or diary and are looking for an accessible website to privately post and share your diary entries online, try Penzu. Unlike many similar diary sites Penzu is extremely simple, stylish and closely resembles the notebook page. You can add images to your entries, print them out and share latest entries with friends via email.


To try it out go to their website and sign up for an account. Next, choose an avatar, enable/disable email reminders (to remind you to write every week, every month), select your default font (Helvetica, Arial etc) and get started writing your diary. Penzu protects your journal with military-grade encryption and 256-bit SSL encryption, so you can be safe about the privacy of your diary.

You can access and edit your diary from your desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android devices and even BlackBerry. Moreover, you can add entries to your journal from your email by simply emailing While Penzu is free, they also have a paid Pro version that lets you import text files, lock journals from your mobile, have multiple journals, rename journals, sync journals and other features.

Free Online Diary Site





  • Write and save diary entries online
  • Keep your notes private and make it accessible only to people you invite.
  • Upload and add images to daily entries
  • Tag entries by entering a new or existing tag between square brackets in the subject line of the email! For example: Subject [Enter Tag Here]
  • Access and add entries to your journal from your email
  • Print out any entry you want.

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