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Have you ever wanted to show off your artwork on Twitter to your friends and contacts?  Well now you can with a service called Penolo.   It’s easy and you’ll be showing off your Picasso skills in no time.   Here’s how it works.

When you first arrive at the page, you are presented with a blank white canvas, along with some basic drawing utensils :

share sketches

All you have to do is just choose which utensil you want to use then start sketching in the space provided. If you make any mistakes, there is a handy “undo” button which will wipe everything back to the last version of your sketch.
share sketches online

When you have finished your sketch and you are satisfied with it, you can either save it on Penolo without sending the link to Twitter or you can Twitter the link as well.   To Twitter the link, just log into Twitter in the login fields provided and the unique link to your sketch will appear in your Twitter profile for people to click on and admire.

There is a facility for you to “add” to already existing sketches.   So if you find one, such as the one above, you can “edit” it in any way you want.   I’m not sure if this is really such a good idea as it could lead to vandalism of other peoples work.


There’s no search box to look for sketches but if you tag your sketches, then similar pictures with the same tags will be grouped together.   The most popular tags appear on the front page :
share sketches online

You can also embed sketches on websites, along with sharing them with all the usual social networks.


  • Draw and Share sketches online
  • Make sketches then send them to your Twitter profile.
  • Edit other sketches already on the site.
  • Tag your sketches for other people to find them easily.
  • Embed any of the sketches on your website, as well as share them on social networks.
  • Free, no signup necessary.
  • Similar tools: ScribblerTool, FlashPaint, OdoSketch, and Sketchswap.

Check Out Penolo @

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