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Photo effects and filters greatly enhance your digital images and add to their visual appeal. While there are numerous applications that offer you photo effects, very few offer video filters in the same package. One of these few good apps is a tool called Pencil Camera HD.

real time video effects

Pencil Camera HD is a free to use smartphone application that is compatible with iOS devices. The app is sized at nearly 22 MB and requires an iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad running iOS version 5.0 or later. The app offers its users fifteen different visually appealing sketch effects to give your images a cool new look. The app even offers a video filter to help you make HD videos with the effect applied in real time. Numerous editing options help you get the effect to suit your preferences.

pencil camera hd


  • A user-friendly smartphone app.
  • Compatible with iOS devices.
  • Offers 15 different photo effects.
  • Can apply video effects for real time HD video recording.
  • Similar tools: PowerCamMemplaibeFunky and Mashface.

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