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Thanks to numerous free hosting sites, you will find a number of online services that help you get a webpage up and running for free. Usually this process involves setting up a page template, layout, and then adding pictures and text. But what if all you want is an extremely basic text-only webpage? The answer is Peggd.

text only web page

Peggd is a free online service that will have your text-free website up and running in no time. The site does not require any registrations or accounts.

You get a basic heading that you can set in three different fonts: Standard, Fun, or Serious. The actual text body is auto-saved using local HTML5 storage in your browser; this means when you return to the page after an accidental window-close, you should find the text as it was; images, videos, and other objects cannot be embedded however – this is an in-progress feature.

When done, click on the “Save & Post” button in the top right. The service will ask you to set a password in case you want to edit the page later. You will now have a unique URL webpage with your heading and text on it. Buttons in the top left of the page help you share the page via email or social networks.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you quickly create a text-only website.
  • Provides three font options for the heading.
  • Provides sharing buttons.

Check out Peggd @

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