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Thanks to numerous free hosting sites, you will find a number of online services that help you get a webpage up and running for free. Usually this process involves setting up a page template, layout, and then adding pictures and text. But what if all you want is an extremely basic text-only webpage? The answer is Peggd.

text only web page

Peggd is a free online service that will have your text-free website up and running in no time. The site does not require any registrations or accounts.

You get a basic heading that you can set in three different fonts: Standard, Fun, or Serious. The actual text body is auto-saved using local HTML5 storage in your browser; this means when you return to the page after an accidental window-close, you should find the text as it was; images, videos, and other objects cannot be embedded however – this is an in-progress feature.

When done, click on the “Save & Post” button in the top right. The service will ask you to set a password in case you want to edit the page later. You will now have a unique URL webpage with your heading and text on it. Buttons in the top left of the page help you share the page via email or social networks.


Ads by Google
  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you quickly create a text-only website.
  • Provides three font options for the heading.
  • Provides sharing buttons.

Check out Peggd @

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