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You may know a lot of people on Twitter, but some of them are more socially connected with you, while others are not. Have you ever thought of actually organizing your Twitter list more professionally, just like a vCard? Thanks to Peepnote, users can now organize Twitter followers in a better way.

organize twitter friends

Peepnote allows users to connect to his or her Twitter account, add people to a peeps list in his Peepnote account and add details to the contacts. You can add tags, contact numbers, birthdays, email addresses and other information, just as you might do with a mobile contact. Not only that, but you can even export these contacts in a .vcf format, with all the details embedded inside it.

Peepnote offers paid plans, starting from $35 which offers users many useful features. Users can add up to 10,000 people to his peeps list, add 500 notes and more.


  • Free and premium plans available.
  • Allows users to add details to their contacts.
  • Ability to export contacts.
  • Filter your friends list.
  • Keep track of people you unfollowed.

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