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PeekYou is a people search service. Search and find other people, discover their websites, social-networking profiles, photos, or anything else about them online. PeekYou also lets you create profiles for others (friends, family, etc) to ensure they can be easily found online.

peekyou   PeekYou : People Search Engine

General PeekYou profile includes:

  • Quick Bio and picture.
  • Web links: blogs, social network profiles (MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn), etc.

PeekYou Features:

  • Search for profiles by name and/or surname.
  • Option to search for someone by username: someone’s alias in a social networking site, or the ID part of his/her email address etc.
  • Narrow down search results using life-related, school-related, and work-related tags.
  • Search by country (US, UK, Australis, Canada, China, India, etc.).
  • Create a new profile for someone, edit existing profiles, or request profile to be removed.
  • Over 50 mil. indexed profiles.
  • More on PeekYou here

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