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Stable multi-tasking is one of the benefits of modern operating systems like Windows, but there’s no question that doing too many things at once is bound to leave you with a cluttered desktop. Transparency goes some way towards rectifying this, and there are apps to make Windows transparent but this can often make things even more confusing.

Enter Peek Through, a free app from developer Luke Payne. Using a hotkey, it enables the user to trigger transparency with the press of a button as and when it is required. What’s more, the tweak allows the user to “click through” to background windows, removing the need to shuffle through the taskbar for that app, folder or document you’ve seemingly lost.

windows enable transparency

The app features a customisable level of transparency, and you can also set your own personal hotkey to trigger the effect. According to the developer, the app works fine with Windows Vista and 7, and despite Windows 8 support not being official, it looks like it works OK with Microsoft’s latest operating system too. Once installed, the program lives in the System Tray where its preferences can be accessed at any time.



  • Enable and disable transparency with a hotkey.
  • “Click through” to windows beneath the one you’re currently hovering over.
  • Choose your own level of transparency, and the combination of keys you’d like to use to enable the effect.
  • Quickly change settings via the System Tray.

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