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Shortened URLs are everywhere today. While they might be convenient and tidy on social media, it’s often impossible to know what’s behind those links. A few online services make it easy to find out what might be lurking behind a shortened URL.

Browser Extension: UnshortenIt

For a safer browsing experience Make Your Browsing Safer with These 7 Simple Tips Make Your Browsing Safer with These 7 Simple Tips Safe browsing is more of an ongoing task than a set-it-and-forget-it affair. That's why we have come up with seven essential starter tips to help you browse more safely. Read More , copy and paste a shortened link into UnshortenIt and you’ll find out the original URL, a summary or description of the page (if available), and its safety rating provided by Web of Trust.

With UnshortenIt, if you’d rather not have to open up the website every time you want to check a link, Chrome and Firefox users can use a browser extension. Just right-click the link and click Unshorten this link.

Web Page: Unfurlr

The simplest way to find out what’s behind a shortened URL is to paste the link into Unfurlr. The site will present with you with the original URL and will also be accompanied by Google’s Safe Browsing Advisory if the link is legit.


iOS App: URL X-ray

URL X-ray is available as a bookmarklet, in your browser, and you can also use a free iOS app that adds a button to your phone making it easy to check links on the go on your phone.

Android App: URL Manager

Android users can give URL Manager a try. The free app expands and scan links so you can click on links with confidence. To check a link on your phone, copy the link and fire up URL manager. Tap the plus button and select Expand.

What tips and tricks do you have for safe browsing on the internet? Let us know in the comments.

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