PedioPhon: Text-To-Speech Converter for Wikipedia

Simple web app to lookup and convert Wikipedia articles to MP3 recordings. Once converted, you can either stream audio recordings straight from a browser window or download and store it on your PC or portable player (iPod, MP3 player or mobile phone). No email or registration required.

   PedioPhon: Text To Speech Converter for Wikipedia

Feature List:

  • Convert Wikipedia articles to MP3 audio recordings.
  • Stream recordings online or download to your PC.
  • Access from mobile: Send Pediophon a text message incl. the querry you’re interested in (Abraham Lincoln, NASA, etc.). Wait for a couple of minutes. Dial the same number and listen to Wikipedia’s entry for the provided term.*
  • Supported languages: French, English and German.

* Regular calling and SMS (text messaging) fees apply.

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