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Want to quickly compare the size or dimensions of one item to another? Head to Pective is a website that provides you with pictures of various items i.e. CD case, credit card, standard soda can, AA battery etc. in their actual size. You can use these pictures as a point of reference for comparison.


Go to and select the size of your monitor’s screen. Next choose the item to see its actual dmensions on your screen. For instance, check out the real size soda can below.

size comparison


  • Browse and get pictures of items in their actual sizes.
  • Contribute an expand database by adding image of your own.
  • No registration needed.

When you don;t have a point of reference figuring out the size of something is not an easy to task. Thus websites like Pective come quite useful. Other websites in this league include:

Sizeasy – Visualize Gadget Sizes Online.
DisplayWars – Compare TV Screen Sizes.
SensibleUnits – Convert Measurements to Objects that Make Sense.

Check out Pective @


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