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The internet has expanded so much that many ideas of socialization and storing information have already been explored. This is precisely why unique ideas like Pearltrees are rare and a joy to find.

organize web content

Pearltrees is a browser addon for Mozilla Firefox. The developers of the addon provide users with a great new way of storing and connecting the web content they want to save.

Basically you can create different map-like structures out of nodes; each node can be connected to one another. These nodes are shortcuts to websites. You can create more than one map and add as many nodes as possible. Nodes can be rearranged as you like. The addon places some new buttons next to the address bar to easily add your websites to your Pearltrees account. You can use these buttons to reach your Pearltrees account as well.

The organization offered by the addon makes it a unique tool and will surely be appreciated by many users.

visual bookmarking,

Watch demo video below:


  • Cool visual bookmarking tool for storing, sharing  and organizing web content
  • User friendly interface.
  • The buttons placed on the address bar let you add new nodes / “˜pearls’ and visit your pearltree.
  • Hovering your mouse over a pearl shows its preview in a small window.
  • You can rearrange pearls for better organization.
  • Can be very helpful in gathering content for research.
  • Similar tools: BagTheWeb, DropVine, Shareaholic,, NiceSharing, ShareTabs and MinMu.

Check out Pearltrees @

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