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PDFtoExcelOnline is a newly launched web application that lets you convert PDF to Excel online. The basic idea for the service is that you upload your PDF containing tables and worksheets, and receive back an XLS file containing just the tabular content, which can then be repurposed in Excel, OpenOffice, Google Docs… etc.

The convention is done automatically meaning that you do not have to manually tell where each table is, the application also tries to match the appearance of converted file to original.

convert pdf to excel online


  • Online PDF to Excel converter.
  • Convert as many files as you want.
  • The conversions are automatic, you do not have manually show where the tables are.
  • Keeps output file similar to original as much as possible.
  • Free and no registration.

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Check out PDFtoExcelOnline @ www.pdftoexcelonline.com

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This serice will be very useful



It would be a valuable service if it worked…I’ve tried it several times and it only coverts a small portion of the pdf to excel…it doesn’t matter that it’s free if it doesn’t work…

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