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A lot of Internet users have an account on Facebook nowadays, which they use to share everything. But one thing that Facebook does not let you share easily is a PDF document. In order to share the contents of a PDF document on Facebook, you would first need a commercial application that converts the PDF to an image file which you can then upload to Facebook. But there is a free alternative present in the form of PDF2Social.

share pdf files on facebook

PDF2Social is a web service that helps you share PDF files with your Facebook friends. The service scans your PDF documents, converts them into images, and then uploads them to your Facebook account. Each page is converted into an individual image and you can specify which photo album the images are uploaded to.

To get started, all you have to is grant Facebook access to PDF2Social and then point to where your PDF file is stored on your computer.


  • A user-friendly web application.
  • Lets you share PDF documents on Facebook.
  • Converts pages of PDF documents into images.
  • You specify which Facebook album images get uploaded to.

Check out PDF2Social @ 


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