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Amazon has entered the ring of online payment services which will compete directly with PayPal and Google Checkout.

Amazon’s new service is called Amazon Checkout. Surprised? I’m not! Big companies do well keeping things simple. That old KISS principal:)

I logged on and signed up. The process was pretty painless and very similar to that of PayPal and Google. The whole email, bank and cell phone verification aid in proving to the Amazon Overlords you are who you say you are. If you are familiar with the other services mentioned you have jumped through these hoops before.

You can send and request money, add additional funding sources. There is nothing here that really jumps up at you and makes you go WOW. But it does appear to be a solid service and a great alternative to PayPal and Google.


What sets this service apart from the others is when choosing to integrate it into your website you automagically gain the ability to use your customers saved data for easier processing and one click purchases will help potential buyers buy even quicker.

Amazon has built up a successful reputation and people trust them so this may encourage people to buy more.

Amazon Payments

Sure this is great for merchants – it gives people looking to spend money another option. But I hear you saying:

“What does it do for me, Joe User?”

It gives you another option as well. Options bring competition which spawn discounts and reward programs. So you should be happy even if you aren’t planning on using it.

According to this excerpt from a TimesOnline article PayPal still rules supreme… But for how long?

PayPal remains by far the most popular payment service, but does not offer one-click purchase. Online retailers using the system will typically display a ‘buy now’ button which, when clicked, takes the customer to a PayPal site where he or she has to enter a user name and password. Amazon’s service promises to allow other retailers to sell goods with one click.

Check out this screen shot of my Account – does it look surprisingly similar to payPal?

Don’t pay attention to my $0 balance as my MakeUseOf expense account didn’t allow for me to make any purchases.

I used Google Checkout when it came out – briefly… Do you know why? Well I got 10% off my first order! That was a good enough reason to sign up but I haven’t been back around there in a while.

What do you use for online payments? Let us know and why – in the comments!

(By) Karl L. Gechlik is a superhero of the IT industry who wears many hats and changes in telephone booths. Karl mostly uses his powers for good and the occasional hysterical prank. Get your geek on & follow his geeky antics at NEW today.

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