PayPal Launches Facebook App For Sending Money [News]

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Looking to send money to a friend this holiday season? Now you can easily do it through Facebook, using PayPal’s brand new “Send Money” app.

This new app, though created by PayPal, is not a substitute for the company’s normal website or most of its features. Instead, it focuses only on sending money to other people, and while you can send some dough to anyone for any reason, the focus seems to be on gifts for special occasions.


Built-in e-cards can be sent along with the cash, and focus on a variety of special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, and graduations. Each occasion has its own category filled with appropriate e-cards. The cards themselves aren’t much – just small pictures with a phrase attached – but they’re posted to the recipient’s Facebook wall when you send the cash. Only the sender and recipient can see how much was sent.

Before you check it out, be warned that there’s a number of different so-called PayPal apps listed on Facebook that may point you in the wrong direction. The one that you want is called PayPal Send Money, and is represented by a PayPal icon with a blue background.

Source: Mashable

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With Facebook having a new issue everytime I log in, the last thing I need is to be owing some Bolivian pimp $300.00 and the damn app won’t authenticate me.



“You’ll never believe what this school teacher did to this student! Just send one dollar to us though paypal and like the page to see!”

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