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PayPal and DocuSign are making online payments a little safer for both the buyer and the seller by allowing electronic signatures for online purchases. Users will be able to sign for their online payments and see them processed immediately. Before this deal, DocuSign was used mostly for contracts and other legally binding documents. They also offered a system for paying with credit and debit cards. Now, their system will be outfitted with a PayPal option for paying online.

The goal is to make it faster and easier for businesses to take payments and start rendering service quicker. According to DocuSign this will allow them to process “transactions within seconds via PayPal so businesses can capture revenue and begin product and service delivery sooner”. Users can accept payment from any browser or mobile device. This will help speed up the payment process greatly, while also making it safer and easier.

Setting up your DocuSign account to accept payments is easy. Users simply need to sign in to their account and select “Enable Payment Processing.” From there, they simply enter the email address associated with their PayPal account, and they will be ready to start processing payments with extra ease and security.

Eddie Davies, PayPal’s senior director of North American Partnerships says, “we are excited to be the first payment processor to work with DocuSign to make transactions completely digital, so they’re simple, fast, and secure.”

Source: TheNextWeb


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