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PayNearMe is a pretty revolutionary service that has been around for some time, and they are expanding their payment services a little further, now offering the ability to pay with cash for online purchases, money transfers and even utility bills.

Basically, PayNearMe allows you to place an online order for a product, print out a receipt and take it to any participating 7-11 store and make the payment in cash. The 7-11 clerk scans the receipt, takes the payment and then the transaction will be finalized. Obviously, there are a couple of extra steps from just using a credit card online, but for people who are unable to get a credit card and do not have a bank account this opens up a whole new way for them to pay, and a new way to be able to safely shop online.

As far as paying utility bills with the service, they are rolling that out in one sample market, with plans to expand it if it is successful. However, purchasing online will work anywhere in the United States, and is now accepted by some huge online retailers such as

According to PayNearMe, a shocking 24% of US families do not have a credit or debit card. A service like PayNearMe opens up a lot of new doors for them to be able do something many of us take for granted – shop online.

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  1. cameowalkin
    August 31, 2011 at 8:23 pm

    This will create a much greater demand for 7-11's, as well as the Pay Near Me service.  It's simple and direct, and the 7-11 stores are open 24 hrs. a day.  It's a perfect combination. 

    Ebill Me offers something similar (an email bill that you take to a nearby payment location), but often their payment locations close by 6 pm, which makes it less immediate, and you end up putting things on your wishlist and postponing the purchase for quite some time, due to forgetting about it.

    Say you're shopping online for a few hours at the end of the day and, getting your bill by email around midnight -- you want to go pay your bill in cash to get the shipment processed and on the way, but you're also hungry, didn't have any supper, and the refrigerator's empty too.  This gives you a way to make your payment, get some groceries, buy a sandwich and more, all in the same location, which is always open. 

    I really like this idea, and hope 7-11 opens up a store in Astoria, NY at Broadway and 21 Street, to make it convenient for the few hundred thousands or so residents in the immediate vicinity, who don't have access to anything like this in our area.  

    In the city, you may not have a car, or may not want to risk moving the car at night.  And there's still a great reluctance on the part of millions of people to link an account with a card for online shopping, due to the very real likelihood of getting hacked, your account emptied, and future payments to your account stolen for some months, until the banks and other parties sort things out.  Very often, these big banks may leave it to the victim to sort things out, so it could even take longer ... and who needs that?

    Pay Near Me sounds like a great solution.