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Friends often forget to pay back when they owe you money. What would help them remember is a helpful reminder of the money they owe you. Here to you help you with that is an iOS phone app called PayMeBack.

keep track of money owed

PayMeBack is compatible with the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad running version 4.2 or later of iOS. The app helps you and your friends keep track of the money you owe one another; since recording those transactions mentally or on a piece of paper is often ineffective, this app proves to be very useful.

Firstly, you and your friends need to have an iOS device with this application installed. Next whenever one of you lends money to the other, you can open the app, type in your friend’s name along with the amount they owe you. You can share this record with your friend so they have it in their app too.


The app also lets you keep a track of money you owe other friends. Another nifty is feature is letting you add an amount and letting the app divide it equally among multiple friends; the divided amount is what each will owe you.



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