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One of the best ways to ensure that you can make use of your cellphone when you travel abroad is to get a country-specific pre-paid SIM card. Of course, it’ll be a new number but you could use it temporarily for your period of stay, and not worry about international roaming charges.

Pay As You Go Sim With Data Wiki is a user contributed and edited wiki site that has a list of best pay as you go mobile plan for a number of countries. The site focuses on plans with decent data rates and which are available for smartphone users (like iPhone and Android).

best pay as you go mobile plans

prepaid mobile plans

As with any other public wiki, you shouldn’t be surprised if you come across inaccuracies in the mobile plan information. But it sure gives you a starting point and you get to know about the prepaid service providers you need to look for when you visit that country.


  • Find prepaid mobile plans for various countries.
  • User contributed and edited.
  • Plans for a lot of countries listed.
  • Focuses on plans with affordable data rates, and for smartphone users.

Check out Pay As You Go Sim With Data Wik @

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