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Some people consider online social networks a little too impersonal because many people have unimportant contacts in their Facebook/Twitter friends. But there is a personal social network out there that focuses on only those important people in your life by limiting the number of online friends you can keep. This network is Path.

personal social network

Path is an online social network that currently works as an application compatible with the iPhone running iOS 4.0 or later. In many ways Path is just like any other social network: it has status updates, birthday reminders, and it lets you share your pictures and lets your contacts like and comment on those pictures.

personal social networking

But there are two key differences between Path and other networks. Firstly, you can directly shoot and share the photos right from your iPhone. Secondly, each Path user can keep only 50 other Path users as his / her friends – this ensures that only your close circle of family and friends can view the pictures that you share. You will be able to quickly share the pictures you are excited about without having to worry about any album privacy settings.

Demo video:



  • A personal social network site only for the best friends.
  • Works through your iPhone.
  • Lets you quickly share your friends.
  • Limits your total number of friends to 50 so only close friends and family members can view the photos.
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