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The iPad’s keyboard software is probably the best input tool for touch interfaces. It is clean, responsive, and just has enough size to be a good tap target. It is not a surprise to see an experienced user type as fast on the iPad as on the keyboard. That said, the typing experience can still be a lot better, and for some people, tap typing is slow and brutish.

swype like keyboard ipad

Android folks introduced SWYPE typing, which lets you input words by sliding your fingers on the keyboards while hitting the key. This coupled with good predictive input makes typing faster and more fun. Path Input is a quick and fun input solution for the iPad, similar to the Swype interface used in Android.

As a standalone app, Path Input is basically a note-taking tool with a very different keyboard. On first glance you can see a standard keyboard with smaller keys and room for the numeric pad. To start typing, you only need to hit the first letter of the word then slide your fingers as you hit other letters until you complete the word. The app predicts what word you wanted to type within seconds. To write a new word just start with another letter again then slide away. You do not have to type in a space since it will know if you have started a new word.

path input

For typing long words, you can put in prefixes and let the Path guess the word you want to type in.


The SWYPE experience differs depending on the person. Some believe that this kind of typing is faster, while others find it clunky and unnatural. For people who are used to tap typing on an iPad, SWYPE seems like a step back since you have to learn a new way of typing. On the other hand, SWYPE can be very convenient if you need to jot down quick notes.

Path is a cool app for anyone who wants to have the SWYPE experience on iOS.


  • Simulates SWYPE input on the iPad.
  • Standalone app great for jotting notes with SWYPE.
  • Fast and responsive.
  • Adds a numerical pad to the keyboard.
  • Similar Tools: Siine, Beansoft, and Fleksy

Check out Path Input @

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