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One way to secure your online accounts or prevent identity theft is to use different passwords for different websites. However, it can be a hassle to remember several passwords at a time. PasswordCard is a practical tool that can store multiple passwords on a single printable card that you can take anywhere.

Your unique password card contains a set of random characters that are coded in different colors. You can then use these set of numbers to create your new password by inventing a pattern that only you should know. You can read in different directions, skip a number of letters, or use the color codes – it is all up to you. This will allow you to remember your passwords just as easily.

password card

Once you print your card, you can laminate and store the card in your wallet. Since only you will know how to read the card, other people won’t make sense out of these random characters. If you lose your card, you can go back to the website and enter a password to bring up the same card which you can print again.


  • Generates a secure password card for your websites.
  • Get multiple strong passwords.
  • Bring your password card everywhere so you can retrieve your passwords easily.
  • Regenerate a lost password card using your card number.
  • Similar Tools: KeyDb, PassPack, MashedLife, and Clipperz.

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