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Do you have some things you want to put on paper, but don’t want anyone to be able to read it? If you are looking for a place to log your bank account and credit card numbers, you need a writing app with encryption. Losing your MacBook or iPhone is never good, but losing it when someone is able to get access to your private information is even worse. Thankfully, Password Pad is designed to protect us from such a horrible occurrence.


Password Pad is a fully featured writing application that syncs with your iPhone and Mac. This way, you can take all the important documents with you on the road. The free version only offers XOR encryption, but if you spend $4.99 to get the full version, you will get Triple DES encryption as well. You set a password for each document individually, which gives you a fantastic layer of protection.

Another awesome feature in Password Pad is automatic locking. If you go idle from a document, it will automatically lock after a period of time, protecting you from someone walking up to the device when you are not there and reading your stuff.


  • Encrypted writing application for Mac and iPhone.
  • Free Mac version offers XOR encryption (paid gains Triple DES encryption).
  • Separate passwords for each document.
  • Syncs between iPhone and Mac.
  • Automatic idle lock.
  • Word and character count with premium version.

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