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PassPack is a secure, feature-rich and very easy-to-use online password manager. PassPack can be accessed from any browser, from anywhere, there is nothing to download or install.

    Chicago Tribune: “… I’m planning to play around with three, each of which would require me to remember only one password to access all my others. The most attractive is PassPack, because it resides online.”
Free Online Password Manager

Feature Overview

  • Store and Manage up to 100 passwords online.
  • ‘PassPack It’ Bookmarklet: One click auto-login to any of your saved accounts.
  • Find Passwords: Using tags / Search as you type / browse alphabetically.
  • Password Generator: Let PassPack generate a secure password for you.
  • Password Tester: Quickly check how strong your passwords are.
  • Print, Import (ex. from Roboform Free Form Filling Software for Your Browser Free Form Filling Software for Your Browser Read More ), Export, Backup and Restore your passwords and other saved data.
  • Print passwords.
  • Disposable Logins: Access your PassPack account using one time passwords. Useful when connected from insecure locations.
  • Offline version: Keep a copy of your PassPack account offline.
  • Option to cancel your account at any time.
  • Still wondering how you can make use of of PassPack ? See some examples here.

Not so long ago we also wrote about Clipperz, a similar password manager application. Below you can see a quick feature comparison for both of the services.

Clipperz vs. PassPack

Check out PassPack @

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