PassiveAggressiveNotes: Collection of Hilarious & Interesting Notes

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PassiveAggressiveNotes reminds me of PostSecret, the immensely popular weblog where readers send their secrets on postcards that are published by the blog author. This site portrays pictures of interesting notes submitted by the readers.

Most of the notes are hilarious, while some are quite interesting. The humor comes from the sarcasm in the notes where people are politely asked to apply common sense.

interesting notes

Readers can either email a scanned copy or a picture they’ve taken of cool notes they come across. They could also send original notes via snail mail. On the lines of PostSecret, this site too has a book published on its name which features some of the best notes or “passive aggressive notes” as the author calls them. Overall, a fun site to check out.


  • Collection of hilarious sarcastic notes.
  • All notes are user submitted.
  • Readers can email or snail mail pictures/scanned copies/original notes.
  • Passive Aggressive Notes is also available as a book.

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