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Twitter lets you preview tweeted media that belongs to YouTube, Twitpic, and a few other sites. But for most other shared media, you end up having to click on the tweeted links and open up many tabs. Parrotfish is here to help you with that.

preview tweet

Parrotfish is a browser extension for Google Chrome. With it installed, your Twitter page will be able to recognize media links from a wide variety of websites, not just YouTube and Twitpic. Simply click on the extend icon at the end of every media-containing tweet to preview the media on the right side.

preview twitter links

Since the extension supports HTML5, it recognizes media (images, songs, and videos) from an impressively large number of websites including Break, Hulu, LiveLeak, Amazon, and Wikipedia. The user’s security is also protected because the extension scans all tweeted links for malware.


  • A user friendly tool.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Lets you preview Twitter links within Twitter.
  • Recognizes links from many websites.
  • Encodes audio/video on the fly for HTML5 playback.
  • Similar tools: Lazyscope.

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