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Have you ever started typing, only to find that your mouse cursor has decided to park itself directly over the text you are trying to work with? It always seems to line up perfectly so that you cannot tell if you made a typo, and you have to go back and move it to a more comfortable place, where it will not impede your ability to write. Well if this is a problem, you need to check out Park Cursor Aside.

hide mouse cursor when typing

Park Cursor Aside automatically moves the mouse to one of five different screen positions when you start typing. This way, the mouse will be out of your way, so you are free to write without restriction. You can choose the place and the number of keystrokes it takes to make the mouse move. You can also set the number of pixels it moves from the edge of the screen.


  • Automatically move your mouse cursor when you start typing.
  • Five different mouse positions to choose from.
  • Portable app, no install required.
  • Choose how many keystrokes moves the mouse.
  • Set distance away from edge of screen.

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