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Being able to track a parcel over your phone is a convenient thing to do. Today, there are a number of Android apps that can track packages but unfortunately, not all of them have support for the majority of shipping services. So if you are looking for an Android app that offers an extensive number of shipping services, check out Parcels. This app supports 36 major shipping companies from all over the world.

shipping tracker android

Parcels allows users to get the latest information regarding a package with its tracking number. It can also map the package’s route using Google Maps. Users have the option of tracking a package manually or have the app do background checks at a preset interval. The app can also be set to receive notifications on the phone silently so that you do not have to be bothered.

android shipping tracker

Parcels is also very lightweight since  it won’t do a background check if the package has already been delivered. This free app is certainly a useful thing to have if you frequently need to track shipping packages.


  • Android based shipping tracker.
  • Support 36 major global shipment companies.
  • Shows where the package is using Google Maps.
  • Manual or automatic tracking.
  • Can be set to receive silent notifications.
  • Lightweight app.
  • Free to download.
  • Similar Tools: Shiply, PackageTrackr, TrackThis and FollowMyStuff.

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