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Have you backed up your data lately? If not, there’s no better day to do it than March 31st, also known as World Backup Day. While you may not be able to take the day off work, you can celebrate with a free backup suite from Paragon Software worth almost two hundred dollars.

The software up for grabs is Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 Business. This is the hardcore, super-functional version of the suite designed for small businesses that need to backup data on multiple computers. It can help maintain a server hard drive, provide quick backups, and can simplify hard disk partitioning.  Computers and servers running Windows are supported and recovery can be managed in a WinPE, Linux or DOS environment.

Entering the contest is simple. Just go to Paragon’s sign-up page and enter your information. Over 100 randomly chosen entries will receive a free copy and everyone who registers will receive a discount code that knocks 30% off the price. Entries will be accepted until April 8th and winners announced no later than April 12th.

World Backup Day is dedicated to educating people on the importance of regular backups. On the website, you can learn why backup is important, read about different backup options such as local backup, cloud backup, etc., and take the pledge to have your system backed up by March 31st (tomorrow!).


If you’re thinking about online backup, read this before choosing an online backup provider. Read This Before Choosing An Online Backup Provider Read This Before Choosing An Online Backup Provider Backing up your files is a no-brainer - at least it should be. Hardware failure, security breaches, natural disasters, thieving scumbags and clumsiness can all lead to heart-in-mouth moments when you realise that your precious... Read More Happy backup day!

Which is your favorite backup solution?

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