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Papirus is a project management app that lets you assign tasks to yourself and other people (partners, employees, colleagues etc), set goals, organize workflow, watch progress and complete projects in time.

First you have invite and add contacts you want to collaborate with to Papirus. Enter their email addresses and they will get an invite in their inbox to use the app. To start a project go to “Tasks” and create a new Task. Write a task description, assign to a person and click “Save”. You can then specify the due date and attach files. The task will show up in the “Inbox” of the person assigned to the task.  If the task needs the approval of several people (e.g. in multiple step tasks) include these people in the “approval list”, who will then see the task in their Inbox and can then either approve or reject the task.

Each person assigned with a task can separate urgent tasks they are working on today from other tasks, by using the folders Today, Next, Scheduled and Someday. You can see the status of any task based on their color – completed tasks are grey strike-through, expired tasks are red and tasks due today are yellow. Team members can discuss any task in the comment thread, either through the app or by replying in their email.

The app is available across multiple popular platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), so you can collaborate with people with different hardware preferences.

The app is free to use for up to 25 people in a team. The premium paid version costs $5/user and lets you have unlimited users, roles and tasks, more storage space and Active Directory integration.

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Demo video


  • List tasks by project, person, due date.
  • Search tasks.
  • See who’s in charge for every task and history behind the task.
  • Define multi-stage process scenarios.
  • Work with other companies by adding team members by email.
  • Library – keeps your organization’s important files (documents, presentations, templates) in a single place.
  • Create and manage tasks through email.
  • Create custom forms and workflow.

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